Answer the question, Shami

The following question was put to Shami Chakrabarti who hosted a Women in Politics discussion today in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

“What about the right to life of the unborn child?”

Miss Chakrabarti ignored both me and my question!

My question was also put to Clare Bailey, one of the panellists and a pro-abortion feminist who is the deputy leader of the Green Party.

She responded with the usual feminist rant about campaigning for “reproductive justice” a euphemism for abortion rights.

The other women on the panel could have (and should have) answered my question but, like Miss Chakrabarti, they did not.

The Women in Politics discussion was one of many feminist indoctrination events at the Women of the World Festival, which runs over three days.

Shami Chakrabarti is the Director of a radical outfit called Liberty (The National Council for Civil Liberties.)

In The Guardian newspaper of 9th September, 2009, she stated the following, “I am more than happy to call myself a feminist.”

In 2012, she spoke at a debate at Middlesex University and, at one point, stated that “every single human life is precious.”

In light of her refusal to answer my question today, are we to conclude that she does not consider the unborn child’s life is precious?

We (the Whites) travelled to Londonderry to confront these feminists at two of their public meetings, one being the aforementioned discussion and the other was entitled, “Feminism and Christianity – an Oxymoron?” which was addressed by a Feminist “theologian,”  Grainne Doherty whose theology is a combination of the blasphemous and ridiculous.

We had many opportunities to refute the dangerous feminist nonsense during both meetings.

6 thoughts on “Answer the question, Shami

  1. You should really go any speak to your doctor about these mental episodes. You behaviour is errational and “unhinged” I will pray that God will guid you to a more peaceful place.

  2. People like you are best ignored because you trammel out the same robotic responses to everything. No unborn thing has a right to anything, it cannot breathe it has no rights. End of. Get over it.

    • The unborn being does not breathe, does not walk or talk, does not see or hear, does not make decisions, has no cognitive awareness, does not vote, does not pay tax, is unfeeling, unthinking, unknowing and not in any way shape or form a complete individual. It does not have any rights over a living, breathing, whole person i.e the woman whose body it is incubating in. It should not have any rights whatsoever.

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