Of Rats and Feminists!

Recently the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Belfast “celebrated” its second anniversary.

The usual rent-a-mob(ster) brigade known as Belfast Feminist Network (and others of their ilk) were on hand and “celebrated” the shameful anniversary with cake.

A pro-life group were protesting against the abortion clinic at the same time (they maintain a presence outside the Stopes clinic on most days and are to be commended for their labours.)

Some of the pro-abortion lobby left a parcel on the table manned by the pro-life group.

When the parcel was unwrapped, it was found to contain two dead rats!

It appears that the evildoers who left the sickening parcel fled the scene because it is our understanding that the Police made no arrests.

It is our contention that the pro-abortion lobby are evil and dangerous and the incident described in our post bears chilling testimony to that fact.

2 thoughts on “Of Rats and Feminists!

  1. I hope they enjoyed their rats, they deserved them seeing as they believe in trapping women likewise. Wait until they open the next box…..mwah-ha-ha-ha-haaaa

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