This “Friend of the Earth” is no friend of the unborn child!

Last Saturday, the radical outfit that goes by the name of Belfast Feminist Network held a “Vitamin F – a Daily Activism Training Day” at NICVA (Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action) headquarters in Belfast.

Some well-known feminist revolutionaries spoke at said event, namely Dr.Fiona Bloomer and Emma Campbell who are both associated with the University of Ulster where Dr.Bloomer is an “academic” and Emma Campbell is a PhD student. Both women are pro-abortion activists.

A male member of the eco-warrior organisation called “Friends of the Earth,” one Niall Bakewell, also spoke at said event, and, as he was among fellow revolutionaries, he spoke the language of war when he spoke of campaigning and said that “campaign is a word of war.”

As he was among fanatical pro-abortion feminists, it is quite legitimate to conclude that whilst he calls himself a “friend of the earth,” he is no friend of the unborn child and supports the demand for abortion “rights” in Northern Ireland.

Ponder this for a moment. He is concerned about the welfare of trees and eco-systems etc but has no concern for the welfare of the unborn child!

Let us return once more to the person of Dr.Fiona Bloomer before concluding this post. She has a twitter account and on it she has an illustration of a young child with the following words attributed to the child which read as follows,

“Mommy, when I grow up I want to help smash the white racist, homophobic, patriarchal bull…. paradigm too!”


The sad and deeply worrying thing about this woman is that she holds an academic position at the University of Ulster where she has free rein to spout her dangerous revolutionary nonsense in the hearing of many easily influenced (and brainwashed) young students, with the goal of recruiting many of them in to the ranks of feminist revolutionaries.

Parents of University students, beware and take heed to the warning.

Click on the following link to read a report of last Saturday’s feminist powwow, written  by an attendee who has, it seems (sadly) been “converted” to the “goddess religion” i.e Feminism.

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