Dawn Purvis – FearSOME not FearFUL

Dawn Purvis, she of Marie Stopes abortion clinic infamy, is presently engaged in dragging the courageous leader of anti-abortion group Precious Life through the Courts.

Miss/Mrs Purvis claims that Mrs. Bernadette Smyth, the founder and leader of Precious Life “harassed” her earlier this year.

On Friday past, the Court case was adjourned yet again, this time until October 17th, because the District Judge Chris Holmes was “unavailable.”

At a hearing earlier this month, it was claimed that Dawn Purvis felt too afraid to sit in a room with Mrs. Smyth even if Police Officers were present!

This is laughable nonsense coming from a woman (Dawn Purvis) who, in the past, led the menacing Progressive Unionist Party which offered “political analysis” to the murderous UVF (a loyalist terrorist organisation.)

We think it likely that Dawn Purvis’s stated concerns about her safety are either exaggerated or have no basis whatsoever in fact.

However, she is succeeding in restricting the freedom of Mrs. Smyth and Precious Life to oppose the Marie Stopes clinic by her claim of “harassment” which has (designedly) resulted in this long, drawn-out Court case.

We saw this with our own eyes because on Friday past, we stood outside the Marie Stopes clinic (just the two of us) displaying a Bible placard warning that abortuary, that God hates “hands that shed innocent blood.”

Precious Life were there also. However, we did not protest jointly and our witness was separate from theirs, believing as we do that there is a need for a separated Evangelical Christian witness against abortion.

A police van was parked nearby for the duration of our protest, it was there when we arrived. Before we ended our protest, two police officers emerged from the abortion clinic, got into their van and drove away.

Why were the Police there? Was it to protect those pro-aborts from the “dangerous” pro-life protestors (us and Precious Life,) or were they there to intimidate us?

It was sickening in the extreme to see the Police “protecting” those engaged in the killing of unborn babies.

Those police officers were facilitating the breaking of the law they are duty bound to uphold, namely the law (of God and man) which states, “thou shalt not kill.”

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