University of Ulster supports pro-abortion events in Belfast

The Institute for Research in Social Sciences (IRiSS) at the University of Ulster Jordanstown campus is a hot-bed of pro-abortion Feminism, and the University itself has adopted a pro-abortion stance by its support for a series of abortion-promoting (and abortion-demanding) events taking place this month, between 2nd-24th October at a venue in Belfast.

Feminist “artist” Emma Campbell, presently a PhD student at the aforementioned University, will be exhibiting her “artwork” at these events and she and her comrades will host/take part in, a workshop, lecture and discussion, all on the theme of “abortion rights.”

She will “attempt to use the art and the gallery space for abortion rights activism.”

In addition to her PhD studies, Miss Campbell is also the Vice-Chairwoman of Alliance for Choice Belfast. The word “choice” is, of course, a euphemism for abortion.

In August this year, Miss Campbell was making mischief in Canada, as she, and others of her ilk, took part in a conference entitled, “Abortion:The Unfinished Revolution.”
The conference was held on Prince Edward Island, deliberately chosen because it is the only Province where Canadian women have no access to abortion.
One of the organisers of the conference, Dr.Shannon Stettner, said the following, “We think it’s time to bring abortion to the island.”

Miss Campbell did not travel to Canada alone. She was joined by Dr.Fiona Bloomer, also from the University of Ulster, Kellie O Dowd, and Mark Benson from Queens University Belfast (all feminists, including the male.)

The Institute for Research in Social Sciences (IRiSS) at the Univ. of Ulster is a bastion of radical feminism i.e feminism taken to its logical conclusion. Feminism is, in actual fact, Marxism applied to gender and students who have the misfortune to be taught by these “academics” are being indoctrinated with a dangerous ideology.

Here are some of the “academics” who are “Lecturers in Social Policy at the  U of U,

Dr.Wendy Saunderson

Goretti Horgan (also associated with Alliance for Choice)

Dr.Fiona Bloomer (already mentioned.)

There is another group of feminists in Belfast and they are supporting and/or taking part in the pro-abortion events currently taking place in Belfast, and they are, the Belfast Feminist Network.

One of their number is Kellie Turtle who is also a Board member of the Rainbow Project in Londonderry ( a LGBT lobby group,) and, in addition, she is an Education worker at the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

We think it is disgraceful that the University of Ulster is supporting events that are promoting and demanding abortion, and we call on the University to publicly withdraw its support and apologise for ever offering it in the first place.

We have e-mailed the Vice-Chancellor of the University about this matter, and I (Mrs.White) spoke at length to Dr.Fiona Bloomer to inform her of our opposition to abortion and to this month of pro-abortion events.

Click on the following link, and scroll down to 30th September to see the feminist response to my opposition to them,

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