Somewhere a prison cell awaits these women (or should)

Pro-abortion feminists from a group called IMELDA  which stands for “Ireland Making England the Legal Destination for Abortion” disrupted a dinner in London attended by Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

The “ranting and raving” feminists (there were two of them) specifically targeted Mr.Kenny by placing female underwear with pro-choice slogans written on it, on his dinner plate.

These women are using terror tactics and are, in fact, feminazis or feminasties (both labels are applicable,) and they must be stopped.

We were harassed by that group IMELDA in Dublin last week as we protested against the pro-abortion March for Choice.

If they are not dealt with by the police, these women will soon be throwing underwear at people on the street or sending underwear to people through the post.

Feminism leads women to cast off all restraint and propriety and decency, and these women are an example of the brainwashing effect of feminism on them.

Pro-abortion feminists such as IMELDA and Alliance for Choice and Abortion Rights Campaign and Belfast Feminist Network, to name but four, will stop at nothing (short of murder) to force abortion on demand, at any stage of pregnancy, on the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.

We must resist them and confront them with the Word of God and that publicly, and as often as possible. They know there is opposition to them so make sure they see it and hear it.

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