BBC conclusion was a foregone conclusion!

Finally, we have a conclusion to our complaint about the pro-abortion bias of three Stephen Nolan shows ( one TV and two radio shows which aired in October, 2013.)

We appealed to the BBC Editorial Standards Committee because we were dissatisfied with earlier responses to our complaint by the BBC complaints department.

There were three complainants, the two of us (the Whites) and two others, their names are known to us but we have never met them.

The BBC Trustees found a breach of accuracy in relation to the 9th October, 2013 radio programme, but did not separately uphold complaints relating to other accuracy issues and impartiality in relation to the three programmes.

We (the Whites) cannot speak for the other complainants but we can give our opinion on this predictable, unsurprising BBC judgement.

We are disappointed but not surprised that the BBC did not uphold our complaint concerning Stephen Nolan and his pro-abortion bias (although as we have already stated,they did concede that there was a breach of accuracy in one of the aforementioned radio shows.)

Notwithstanding that concession, we remain firm in our opinion that those three Nolan shows were campaigning for a¬†liberalising of Northern Ireland’s current abortion law and were clearly on the side of those agitating for abortion on demand to be legalised in this Province, and were hostile to pro-life contributors to the programmes, in particular, the courageous Mrs.Bernadette Smith of Precious Life.

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