Slimming Club called “We strip together” oops “We slim together”

Slimmers at a slimming club in Northern Ireland are losing more than pounds and inches in the calorie wars, they are losing their clothes, their dignity and their sanity!

The “We slim together” slimming club should be renamed “We strip together,” because the slimmers (all 24 of them) have completely disrobed for photographs for a calendar purportedly compiled to raise money for a charity i.e  Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke.

It is deeply troubling that this Charity is happy to receive money (dirty money) from pornographic calendars full of naked women.

Thankfully most shops have refused to sell the offending item.

Sadly, some are happy to do so.

Someone once said that “there is money in muck” (muck = filth or smut) and, no doubt, those nude slimmers WILL raise some money for that Charity, but they will find, in time to come, that their public nakedness will cost them a terrible price, because the Bible says that “the wages of sin is (spiritual) death.”

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