Confronting the “Angry Brigade” aka Abortion Rights Campaign in Dublin

Yesterday saw the third annual “March for Choice” in Dublin.

Of course, the word “choice” is a euphemism for abortion.

We believed that there was a need for a Christian witness against these pro-abortion fanatics, so the three of us travelled to Dublin (a long journey) to confront them with the Word of God.

We faced a crowd of approximately 2,000 plus (we cannot be exact) and endured great hostility and menacing opposition.

We were accosted  and harassed by some of them, and at times we felt they were going to surround us.

Two feminists came and stood near us, one of them held a blasphemous placard.

At one point, a feminist group who go by the name of I.M.E.L.D.A and who agitate for abortion rights by displaying (and throwing) underwear with pro-abortion slogans written on them came up to me (Mrs.White) and tried to intimidate me and were egged on by some who shouted “throw them at her” meaning, throw underwear at me.

My Bible placard served as a useful shield at that sickening and disgusting moment.

I looked toward a Garda (Police) officer who was sitting in a van and gestured to him to come and help us, but he did nothing.

In fact, none of the Garda officers did anything to protect us, we were totally on our own, humanly speaking.

The marchers were fierce and potentially dangerous to those who oppose them.

Here are some photos of the march which include one of our witness (photo number 7 in the first link). In the photo, I am ensuring that those coming toward us can read the Bible text which warns them that God hates hands that shed innocent blood.

The media have failed to mention our protest (with the exception of that one photo) because they want to give the impression that the majority of people are pro-abortion.

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