Mrs. White on today’s Talkback radio programme

I phoned BBC radio Ulster Talkback programme today after hearing about a Belfast taxi company who are promoting the sexual revolution among University students by encouraging (and possibly providing) condoms, and repeating the “safe sex” message.

There is no such thing as “safe sex” just as there is no such thing as “safe drunkenness” or “safe poison” because there is no way to “sin safely” as sin is deadly!

On the programme, I confronted Mary Crawford of the wicked Brook Advisory Centre, a sexual anarchist group.

I can be heard at 26.17 minutes into the programme and again at 28.39 minutes approx.

Of course, our readers can listen to the entire programme if they wish, but it will only be available for seven days.

The taxi company Twitter account (with photos of the contraceptives they are promoting among students) can be viewed by clicking on the following link and scrolling down the page.

3 thoughts on “Mrs. White on today’s Talkback radio programme

  1. Well she certainly shot you down. You were totally out of your depth, why do you make such a fool of yourself? back to the kitchen with you woman and learn your place or some biblical morality shall be visited upon you as was done upon the fallen woman………………………

  2. There is such a thing as safe-sex. Condoms are proven in majority of cases to prevent stds and unwanted pregnancies (and don’t try to use the minor cases where condoms didn’t work please)…. There is however no proof of anything such as “deadly sin”…. Do you have any evidence of it, and try not to use bible quotes Mrs White, as its merely quotes from a man-made book. I have to break it to you but they are not actual practical evidence.

    • We urge you to read a book entitled “Lessons in Depravity” by Dr Ted Williams, a Christian medical doctor. He documents the link between the sexual revolution, sex education in schools and the sexual anarchy prevalent in society (and they are all linked.) STD’s including AIDS (which used to be called GRIDS which means Gay Related Immunodeficiency Syndrome,) infertility and sometimes premature death clearly shows the true vomitus of the sexual revolution. The only place sexual relations are safe is within the bonds of Biblical marriage.

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