UTV don’t want you to read my comment on Dawn Purvis

The background to my comment is the ongoing (presently adjourned) Court case involving Dawn Purvis, and her accusations of “harassment” levelled at Bernadette Smith, the founder of the pro-life organisation Precious Life.

Purvis and Co are fiendishly clever, because they think they have found a way to stop public protests outside their lucrative abortuary (Marie Stopes Clinic) by shrieking “harassment” when confronted by those who wish to save the lives of unborn children, as with this present case, instigated by the wicked Dawn Purvis, and leading to the trial of the courageous and caring Bernadette Smith.

We are not associated with Precious Life but we certainly share their views on the sanctity of life from conception and, like them, we are opposed to abortion.

The comments on UTV Live News (online) followed a report about the aforementioned Court case, and most were hostile to Mrs.Smith, so I decided to shine the spotlight on Dawn Purvis, with my comment, and here it is,

“Dawn Purvis is a sexual anarchist and revolutionary. She has said that the unborn child has no rights. She led the menacing Progressive Unionist Party, and we are to believe she was afraid of pro-life protestors?

Unborn children have much to fear from Dawn Purvis.” (end of comment)

We hope that Mrs. Smith is vindicated and enabled to continue defending the unborn child without any restriction.

2 thoughts on “UTV don’t want you to read my comment on Dawn Purvis

  1. Ms Smyth is entitled to hold any misguided beliefs she so chooses – what she is NOT entitled to do is harass, intimidate and behave like an unmitigated PEST towards ANY member of society who exercise their democratic right to walk through the doors of the Marie Stopes clinic for whatever reason they so choose! the sooner this bleached blonde, heavily lipsticked female is cut down to size the better!!! she does NOT have a mandate to behave as she does and I an assure you and the rest of your do-gooding ilk that I would wipe the lipstick off the smirking mouth of that interfering know-it-all ….. with the back of my hand as soon as look at her!!!!!

    And I’d do the same to YOU TWO if you ever get in my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Madam, you are threatening violence, and if you slap anyone, you will be guilty of assault. Mrs.Smith has not threatened violence, but you have and we could report you to the Police for threatening violence against Mrs.Smith and us.

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