LGBT organisation declares war on Christians!

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) an American LGBT lobby organisation has put Pastor Scott Lively and another man, Robert Lopez “On Notice,” i.e threatened them, to stop them “exporting hate” i.e telling the truth about the destructive LGBT agenda.

The HRC are a wicked organisation, malevolent to the core, and, in threatening Pastor Lively and Mr.Lopez, they have declared war on all Bible-believing Christians who believe that homosexual practice and homosexual “marriage” is sin, and always will be.

We, the authors of this blog, have a message for the HRC,

We put YOU “On Notice” that we will expose you for the hateful, dangerous organisation that you are, and that you hate Christians with a murderous hatred.

You can add us (the Whites) to your list of “extremists” i.e those who will not be silenced by the wicked cowardly thugs of the HRC.

Our readers can view the “hit piece” the despicable HRC have put together on their website, attacking and misrepresenting Pastor Lively and Mr.Lopez, at the following link, (note the use of menacing sound and unnatural, unsettling colour, to portray the two men in a most sinister light, a deliberate tactic on the part of HRC)

The ghostly “mugshot” of Pastor Lively looks nothing like him but may convince the brainwashed, propagandised masses that he is a dangerous man.

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One thought on “LGBT organisation declares war on Christians!

  1. And you are the ones calling the Human Rights Campaign hateful? You are a disgrace to all the wonderful Christians who fully support gay marriage or at least don’t use their beliefs as an excuse to restrict the rights of innocent people to marry who they love.

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