Is “Fat Nick” a Muslim convert?

The horrific murder of an 82 year old grandmother in Edmonton, London on 4th September has been largely forgotten by the media.


Could it be that the media are unwillingly to mention that the evil savage who beheaded Palmira Silva just might be a Muslim convert?

He decapitated one, possibly two cats before he attacked Mrs.Silva.

The terror and suffering he inflicted on that poor woman is surely indescribable, and we find it difficult to expel the horrific details of her death from our minds.

Our sympathies are with her dear heartbroken family.

The accused is called Nicholas Salvadore or “Fat Nick,” ( his nickname, ) pardon the pun, a would-be cage fighter and possibly a Muslim convert.

We hope that he is “caged” for life at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, at the conclusion of his trial.

His killing of cats reminded us of one of our earlier posts in which we wrote about four sadistic men who decapitated a cat. We think it highly likely that they were Muslims.

Now that is something to ponder, isn’t it?

To return to the horrific events surrounding the murder of Mrs.Silva in London, click on the following link to read a newspaper report,

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