Our protest outside Queen’s Film Theatre

The two of us protested outside the QFT in Belfast last night. We travelled approximately 90 miles there and back to do so.

The reason for our protest?

The showing of the pro-abortion film “Obvious Child.”

Most of the films shown at QFT are offensive and “Obvious Child” was certainly in that category, with the additional fact that it showed abortion in a “positive” light!!!!

We believe that the film should be banned, but, as we do not have the power to ban it, we were determined that QFT would see that there was strong opposition to it, hence our protest.

Francis had a hip replacement operation in June, so it was not easy for us to travel to Belfast (our daughter travelled with us but remained in our car.)

We informed some other Evangelical Christians about this film hoping they would protest against it, but, as on previous occasions, it was left to us to take action.

We were determined to defend the right to life of the unborn child and to expose the horrors of abortion, and this we did, by our presence outside that theatre.

We only wish that our fellow Evangelical Christians would do likewise.

To view a photo of our protest, click on the following link to the QFT Twitter account. There are several photos to the left of the page, click on the second photo.


2 thoughts on “Our protest outside Queen’s Film Theatre

  1. May the good LORD bless you both for speaking up on behalf of the preborn and God’s Word! Thank you for taking a stand. 🙂

  2. Idiots. It’s just a b….. film for petes sake! and women have the right to do whatever they like with their bodies and anything inside them. Mind your own business.

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