Nigel wines and dines with Elton John

In July this year, Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) was a guest at a dinner party hosted by Elton John and his live-in boyfriend David Furnish.

UKIP are supposedly opposed to homosexual marriage, yet Nigel and Elton got on very well.

UKIP’s very own “gay” group (lgbtinukip) posted about Nigel’s dinner date on their facebook. This group are actively campaigning for homosexual “marriage” and the lifting of the ban on “gay” blood donation.

To Evangelical Christians we say, do not be duped by UKIP.

2 thoughts on “Nigel wines and dines with Elton John

  1. I may comment further on this post later, but once again, unsurprisingly, I find myself having to highlight an untruth contained in one of your blog posts. You describe Mr Furnish as Elton John’s “live-in boyfriend”. This is factually incorrect. Mr Furnish and Elton John are Civil Partners. Of course, If you are happy that from this day forth that I refer to Francis as your “live-in lover” then I will have no objection to your post?

    • Francis and I are married. Elton John is not married to another man, for such “marriages” are not marriage at all, and are forbidden by the Word of God, whose laws are higher than the heavens above man’s law where and when the two collide.

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