These people are certifiable!

The feminist agenda and the homosexual agenda are virtually identical.

A message on the Facebook page of the fanatical pro-abortion feminist group “Alliance for Choice” offers conclusive proof.

The message was posted by “PrideInChoice” on 2nd August this year and here it is, ad verbatim,

“Happy Pride everyone! We support everyone’s choice to access free, safe, legal and local abortions; women, girls, trans men and boys, non-binary individuals, bi, poly and pansexuals, as well as lesbians, asexuals and anyone else who can get pregnant but doesn’t want to be. Your body, your choice!”  (end of quote)

This is the future these sexual revolutionaries envision for all of us and they are advancing down the road that leads to destruction at an alarming rate.

We must resist this madness before it is too late!

2 thoughts on “These people are certifiable!

  1. My cousin needs a kidney transplant and I demand that the law force you to give your kidney in order to save his life – you are a woman and don’t own your body, you are obliged to save a life by law so I will demand that you Mrs White give him your kidney! if a woman must die so a fetus can live then no woman has the right to live while other people die!

  2. Just to clarify your blog, it wasn’t written by someone called ‘PrideInChoice’, that was a hashtag at the end of it, it was posted by me and so far there has only been support for it.

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