Obama’s “sweetest sound” versus the screams of its victims

The horrific murder of American journalist James Foley exposes yet again the murderous, barbaric heart of Islam.

The Muslim organisation responsible for the murder of Mr.Foley, Islamic State, are not “extremists” or “jihadists,” as Muslim apologists label them in an attempt to distract attention away from Islam, they are, in fact, obedient Muslims putting into practice the dictates of their religion, as it rails against the “infidels” and “those who make mischief in Muslim lands” and prescribes the punishments to be meted out to all such.

Don’t believe the nonsense parroted out by Cameron and Obama and their ilk when they say that the atrocities carried out by IS and Al Qaeda etc have nothing to do with Islam.

These dreadful acts have EVERYTHING to do with Islam.

When Lee Rigby was brutally murdered in London last year, David Cameron said that the murder had nothing to do with Islam!

The killers of Lee Rigby disagree with Mr.Cameron. One of them stated after the murder, “We are forced by the Koran…..” (from whence came their motivation.)

Our Government is exposing us all to terrible danger by refusing to tell the truth about Islam.

President Obama is no better at telling the truth about Islam.

Here are some of his mind-boggling quotes.

“The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”

“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance”

“Islam is not part of the problem in combatting violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace”

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4 thoughts on “Obama’s “sweetest sound” versus the screams of its victims

  1. I think that you miss the point by a mile! These Murders have as much to do with Islam as UVF murders had to do with Protestantism or IRA murders were to do with Catholicism.
    just because the perpetrators claim allegiance, it does not mean that they do it in the name of the vast majority of the religions followers. Please remove your blinkers and look at the world realistically!

  2. …………………………………………

    The problem with all religious texts, Including the bible, is that you can always find something within them to justify your actions and beliefs. Its all down to individual interpretation!

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