Feminism personified

Feminism should carry a Government health warning (see harrowing photo at link.)

President Obama is obviously happy to have women do his fighting for him, and just look at where that can lead.

The unfortunate woman in the photo believed the feminist lie i.e that no occupation is out of bounds for women.


2 thoughts on “Feminism personified

  1. This individuals gender is irrelevant Susan. A man being injured in war is no more or no less harrowing than a woman being injured. They are both human brings doing their job.

  2. Women are dying at the hands of murderous men in war so why should their fellow women not have a hand in fighting to free them? men are not doing a good enough job of it on their own, they start wars, they rape and murder at will and we women are criticised by the ignorant, loathsome likes of sanctimonious idiots like yourselves for wanting to get involved and fight the evil of terror. Women like Mrs White would sit and wait for a ‘real man’ to come and save her – smart women get off their backsides and save themselves and each other. How is life in the Dark Ages then Mr and Mrs W?

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