This was no teddy bear’s picnic David Ford

Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister, David Ford received an award from someone called Sean O’Neill for supporting Belfast’s annual homosexual parade last Saturday.

It rained on their parade (literally,) but that did nothing to dampen Mr.Ford’s enthusiasm for the proceedings and he looks positively delighted to be in receipt of a rainbow teddy bear (see photos at link below.)

Perhaps he broke forth into song as he paraded through the streets of Belfast singing “Me and my teddy bear.” That would certainly add an air of gravitas to the reputation of the Justice Minister, don’t you think, dear reader?

The event that David Ford foolishly endorsed and supported is nothing other than a public display of a deviant and dangerous practice and lifestyle and it was definitely no teddy bears picnic.

On the contrary, the wicked seized the city of Belfast on Saturday.

We recommend our readers google a book entitled, “When the wicked seize a city” which is a harrowing true life account of the persecution of a Christian Pastor and his family by homosexual tyrants in San Francisco.

They attempted to murder the Pastor and his family.

The same terrifying mindset that motivated the murderous homosexuals in San Francisco paraded through the streets of Belfast on Saturday, and, if you are not alarmed by that, dear reader, you should be!

To view these pictures, key into Google “Alliance Party Twitter” and scroll down the page.

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