Lo and behold, Anna, how LO can you get?

Anna Lo, is a member of the liberal left-leaning Alliance Party, and an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) at Stormont, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

She is hoping to see many people on the streets of Belfast tomorrow in support of Gay Pride.

In the Belfast Newsletter, she said,” Belfast Pride produces a week long schedule of exciting events, and I want to congratulate everyone involved in what has been a successful week so far.”

Here is a sample of Anna’s “exciting” events, “Sons of Sin on Parole” at the aptly-named Voodoo venue.
“Men of the North – Bears in the Box”
Homosexual movies i.e porn at the Queens Film Theatre

Oh, yes Anna, those events will certainly “excite” people to lust and debauchery.

This woman, Miss/Mrs Lo is also a pro-abortion feminist, a “race card” agitator and a friend of Islam.

Oh Anna, what will you do if/when your friends in the homosexual lobby meet your friends in the Muslim community because they are not favourably disposed to each other, and, in fact, some of your Muslim friends might think your homosexual friends deserve the death penalty.

Oh Anna, what will you do if you have to support one against the other when you are so enamoured with both.

Happily, Anna, that’s your problem.

2 thoughts on “Lo and behold, Anna, how LO can you get?

  1. What a deeply distasteful and nasty pair you two are. A worse advert for Christianity I have never encountered. And this is addressing the point of your pathetic little article Mr and Mrs White should you so ask. What is coming your way you will deserve 100%. What a hateful, bitter couple of individuals you are. I bet you stick pins into photos of Lassie in your spare time.

    • Mr.Comerby, what exactly is “coming our way” may we ask?

      Are you threatening us, or do you know of some threat against us?

      Your idea of Christianity is a figment of your imagination.

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