Incredible but true – William Crawley implied that ………….

Israel has sometimes used its people as “human shields!”

Then he backtracked somewhat (but did not apologise nor withdraw his statement) and said that Israel had used Palestinians as “human shields.”

Mr. Crawley made his outrageous comment about Israel on his BBC Radio Ulster programme entitled “Sunday Sequence” this morning.

We have never heard anyone claim that Israel uses anyone as a “human shield” but William Crawley obviously believes he can say anything he likes and get away with it.

His thinly-veiled hatred of Israel got the better of him today and his “creepy crawley” mask slipped.

The BBC should force him to apologise and withdraw his falsehood, and to desist from his anti-Israel bias.

We have a message for Mr.Crawley, and these words were printed on a wartime (Second World War ) poster.


4 thoughts on “Incredible but true – William Crawley implied that ………….

  1. Susan

    It would appear that Mr Crawleys assertion that “Israel has sometimes used its people as “human shields”” is indeed based in fact. See two links below:

    A UN report highlighting the issue and the Israeli forces finding their own soldiers guilty and punishing them for using a child as a human shield. Surely enough evidence, even for a bigot like you Susan?

    So Susan, who I wonder should force you to apologise and withdraw your falsehood and desist from your anti-palestinian bias?

    I look forward to the public apology to Mr Crawley for your inaccurate reporting Susan.

    I would note that I am hoping for peace in this situation, recognising that in conflict there are wrongs and abuses carried out by all sides.

  2. Yes Susan, for once we agree!

    Sadly the careless talk of you and your ilk does indeed cost lives! You would do well to remember this over the next week and next saturday at Belfast City Hall, when you travel a long way to be offended and are venting your bigoted hatred at LGBTQ+ human beings.

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