Why have we not seen a Public Inquiry into Muslim “grooming” gangs?

Inquiries into this and Inquiries into that, but where is the Inquiry into Muslim (yes Muslim, ignore the euphemism “Asian”) grooming gangs?

The depravity and wickedness of these gangs is almost indescribable.

The sexual revolution is a factor because young girls are indoctrinated with the ideology of sexual anarchists in schools and youth clubs etc and they are told they have a right to a “sex life.”

However, Islam itself has a low view of women in general and of non-Muslim women in particular, so here we see a lethal combination i.e Islam and the sexual revolution.


2 thoughts on “Why have we not seen a Public Inquiry into Muslim “grooming” gangs?

  1. All adult human beings have a right to a sex life. These girls were raped, nothing to do with ‘having a sex life’ at all. They were victims of abuse. Get your facts right and try to separate consensual sex between adults from rape of children if you can!

    • Miss Reed, you did not address the question posed by my post, so I’ll repeat it again.

      “Why have we not seen a Public Inquiry into Muslim “grooming” gangs?”

      Many of the victims of those Muslim sexual predators had been indoctrinated by sex education in schools, and other places such as Youth clubs, to believe that they had a right to a “sex life” irrespective of the law on the age of consent and the fact that sex belongs in male/female marriage (and nowhere else) therefore, those young victims were easy prey for those disgusting rapists/child molestors in those Muslim grooming gangs.

      Are you the Alison Reed of the University of California, one of whose research interests is “Queer Studies?” If so, that tells us a lot about you.

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