Political Correctness – That Malevolent Force (A Poem)

O thou enemy of all that is good
O thou destroyer of noble manhood

Your rallying cry is “Equality”
Which applies to all except the Bible Bee

The ones you would silence with legal redress
To force compliance with your requests

Your day is coming, you malevolent old fool
Your days of dictating what is taught in school
Will come to an end; O hasten the day!
When the people, awakened, will, in chorus, say
Begone, Begone, your demise makes us gay.

Gay means happy!

Copyright Susan-Anne and Abigail White  2014

9 thoughts on “Political Correctness – That Malevolent Force (A Poem)

  1. This piece of writing is a fantastic demonstration of why we need much closer regulation of the home schooling system in NI!

  2. And this was written by two adults…? my 9 year old son’s literacy skills are far superior but then does not use poetry to extol bigotry and ignorance.

    • No William, this was written by Ms White’s home schooled daughter. This is the ‘education’ this unfortunate teenager is receiving.

      • Verses (Rob) the poem was jointly written by Abigail and I. We think it is a fine poem, with excellent grammar and lofty vocabulary.

        Some children leaving State schools can’t even read or write. Enough said.

        • “Some children leaving State schools can’t even read or write. Enough said.”

          Always interesting to see people judge their achievements against the lowest common denominator.

    • Sir William and heir,

      You criticise our poem and literacy skills. You obviously do not appreciate excellent grammar and lofty vocabulary. We note that you have made several mistakes in two of your comments. You left out the word “he” in your comment on our poem, and you did not use capital letters in the words “City Hall” in your comment on “The Rainbow belongs to God.” Also, may we ask what “hihi” means, because to us it is meaningless.

  3. Mrs White – I have made the assumption from reading your blog that you have not had the opportunity to benefit from an education. It is a shame, as nothing broadens the mind more. Could I ask, do you even have the most basic of O’Levels? This poem is atrocious and could have been jumbled together by a primary school child. Were you attempting a sonnet? I hope not. Only a person with a complete lack of awareness of the grammar school system within our country would think this constitutes ‘lofty vocabulary’.

    • Thank you for your considered opinion on our poem. We appreciate your consideration of our sensibilities clearly discernible in your description of our poem i.e “This poem is atrocious…..”

      Such tact, such “lofty vocabulary,” is a shock to the system and not the usual slang we hear from our regular commenters who have obviously not attended “charm school” as you clearly have!!!

  4. I don’t think that the Nobel committee will be able to overlook this masterpiece, its contribution to English Literature should not be under rated!

    I dare say that the current Poet Laureate is penning his letter of resignation as we speak, distraught at not having imagined such perfectly formed verse and words of hope himself!

    Surely, Madam, this must be the work of god himself, having used you and your learned daughter only as a mere conduit.

    Ignore the illiterate and ignorant mockers above! The Public demands more!

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