Hackers and Packers target Whitewell Met Tab Church

The media are virtually silent about the targeting of Pastor James McConnell’s church by hackers and packers (in the form of a suspect package.)

The Belfast Telegraph have at least reported the incidents.

Obviously the media in general, cannot drag themselves away from their pre-occupation (and obsession) with Pastor McConnell’s sermon which featured, but was not dominated by, troubling aspects of Islam.

They are not yet satisfied that they have harmed him enough, there is more for them to do in their carefully orchestrated and malevolently executed character assassination of the man.

If the media placed the spotlight on the persecution of the Pastor and his church, it would only serve to distract attention away from the Pastor’s comments and it might cause some to wonder about the identity of the persecutors and, perish the thought, some might just think that elements of a certain “peace-loving” and “tolerant” religious minority could, just could be involved, and that would cause them to lose some public sympathy, and that would never do.

We will make sure that many people learn about the incidents through the link below, hence this post.


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