Stalin show trials – Northern Ireland style

The majority of NI media types and many politicians have engaged in hysterical histrionics over the last few weeks following Pastor James McConnell’s justified criticism of the “beyond criticism” religio-political system known as Islam.

The politically correct society in which we live cannot tolerate criticism of anything the ruling powers have deemed as critically “untouchable” such as the Homosexual lobby, the “green” agenda (eco-warriors), Islam, Evolution and Feminism and Multiculturalism.

To silence those opposed to homosexuality, their epithet of choice is “homophobe.”

To silence those opposed to the lies told about global warming, the epithet is “climate change denier,” and we know who they want  such “deniers” linked to i.e holocaust deniers!!

To silence those opposed to the barbaric aspects of Islam, the word of choice is “Islamophobe”

To silence those who believe in Biblical creation, the descriptions are many and varied, such as” flat-earthers,” “scientific illiterates,” and “religious nutcases.”

To silence criticism of Feminism, the word of choice is “sexist.”

To silence those with legitimate concerns about Multiculturalism and uncontrolled immigration, the word of choice is “racism.”
Oddly, this word is applied to critics of Islam despite the fact that Islam is not a specific race!

If all the above fails to silence and frighten those opposed to all the above, then the PC brigade can always fall back on the “show trial,” when those who can think for themselves and refuse to toe the PC line are subjected to public ridicule and are severely browbeaten as they are denounced by radio hosts, journalists, politicians and an indoctrinated society who robotically trots out the same predictable lines demanded of them by their PC masters.

The treatment meted out to Pastor McConnel and a (now backtracking) Peter Robinson was disgraceful and painful to behold.

Stalin would have been proud of some media and radio and TV personnel because they employed similar, albeit non-violent, methods to force the Pastor and the Politician to kowtow to them. The goal was to denounce them publicly, giving their views “saturation” coverage, then  force public “confessions” of non-existent guilt out of them, and then a public apology would follow.

Stalin and his henchmen employed similar tactics in their show trials. An innocent individual was falsely accused, then publicly denounced, and, if a “confession” of guilt was not forthcoming, torture was inflicted on the victim, then a public confession of guilt was expected and this was followed by execution or exile.

Here are some quotes about Stalin and his methods. Ponder these things, and then ask yourself if you have witnessed similar methods being used today against those who oppose the PC  list of “never-to-be-criticised” groups.

Stalin first required denunciation of his victims, then confession (often extracted by torture.) He reportedly told his henchmen to “beat, beat, and beat again.”

Some accused were often subjected to the “long interrogation” by a single interrogator who carried on his questioning sometimes for weeks or months.

In conclusion, dear reader, we believe there is unmistakable evidence that those of us who will not be browbeaten into submission are ultimately “gulag-bound.”

5 thoughts on “Stalin show trials – Northern Ireland style

  1. Society would be a better place with you safely locked away in a gulag. Sadly this is unlikely to happen. Though when the fashion police catch up with you for that tweed jacket who knows……
    Speaking about the jacket, just working on my costume for pride. Where can I buy that jacket? Mask already ordered based on that pic in
    Belfast Telegraph. Will be so much fun…….

  2. Guess the PC problem is worse across the pond than in the States–and it’s pretty bad here! We at least can still possess and use the means to resist, as happened at the Bundy Ranch not long ago.

    In the Cold War, the Reds, when pushed hard, always backed down. It’s time to do some good, hard shoving.

  3. and it got her all of 67 votes! leaving the forces of reason and common sense quaking in there boots!

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