67 thank you’s

We wish to place on record our thanks to the people in West Tyrone who gave Mrs.White their first preference vote on 22nd May.

We wonder how many Evangelical Christians reside in the very large geographical area that is West Tyrone.

We are of the opinion that there are more than 67!!!

Therefore, we conclude that most of them are not concerned about the three greatest threats facing our religious freedom today, namely, the homosexual agenda, the EU and Islam.

We fought this election campaign alone (the two of us and our teenage daughter) with no offers of help from anyone.

Quite the contrary in fact.

A well known political party actually forbade one of their members from helping us in our canvassing.

Shameful conduct indeed.

So, once again, we wish to thank you 67 people who agreed with, and supported, our Biblical principles.

Our defeat can be transformed into victory, if the Lord wills.

19 thoughts on “67 thank you’s

  1. 1 Timothy 2:12
    New International Version (NIV)
    12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man;[a] she must be quiet.

  2. Any sensible person, Christian or otherwise realised that your message was actually hate filled and harmful, not full of any of the Christian values of love that i understand! Bravo to those who forbade you help in your fundamentalist nonsense. You espouse nothing but hate, and have a limited understanding of people and the world outside of your own, vitriol filled bubble!

  3. There certainly are more than 67 evangelical Christians within your constituency, of that I would agree with you. I do however fail to share in your disbelief over the paltry 67 votes that accumulated on poll day. This is because Evangelical Christians within Northern Ireland believe you to be false. Your concerns are not their concerns (or the concerns of the rest of our compassionate Christian population, regardless of denomination). You did not receive any offers of help because the Lord did not will it, and if you were a true Christian you would hear Him speaking to you, telling you to abandon your unjust cause.

    • We presume you have spoken to every Evangelical Christian in Northern Ireland, because you state that “Evangelical Christians within Northern Ireland believe you to be false.”
      If you have not spoken to every Evangelical Christian in NI then your statement is ridiculous because you obviously mean “some” Evangelical Christians, not every single one of them.
      You further state that they do not share our concerns. If you are speaking of the majority of so-called Evangelical Christians in NI then we agree, they have no concerns about the threats posed by the homosexual agenda, the EU and Islam (to name but three, and there are more.)
      You do not understand the meaning of the word “compassion” dear lady because when one tells an individual (or society at large) the truth about certain practices, lifestyles, religions etc., one IS showing compassion. To do otherwise is callous and hardhearted and offers the individual (or society) no hope of change or deliverance.
      We received no offers of help in our campaign because most Evangelicals either couldn’t care less about the issues we raised in our campaign, or were afraid of publicly standing with and supporting those with the courage to stand and speak out or because they saw us as competition despite standing as an Independent and despite the fact that one party who failed to help were not even fielding a candidate of their own.
      You do us a grave disservice Madam, when you speak of our cause as “unjust.” You could never endure the frightening hostility that we/I have endured in this election campaign.
      Homosexuals have wanted to hang me and one said that he/she would like to set my face on fire then put it out with a steamroller.
      Why such hostility to our principles? Because we tell the (Biblical) truth and the unsaved HATE the truth.

      • Your “Truth” is not the truth. it shows no compassion and only spreads ignorance and fear, not knowledge. People are bound to get emotional and make silly statements when you are making false statements about their lives and brandishing them as evil!
        why not take time to get to know some Muslims and some homosexuals. talk to them honestly, ask them about themselves, find out who they are. Show some understanding and compassion, from this you may reach some actual christian values. what have you got to lose or fear if the lord really is on your side?

        • Sir, produce evidence that we have lied about anything or anybody OR withdraw your outrageous slander.

          The comments from wicked individuals, which you describe as “silly statements” are nothing of the kind, they are murderous and hateful. Why are you not describing them as “hate speech?”

          • Your campaign, and points raised are based around gross generalisations ans skewed facts taken from other sources on the Web. none of which bare out to the the real world. They are just opinions, and from what i can see, taken from other, not even from personal experience. I do not stand up for, or condone any threats, from you or from those against you. However I believe if you deliberately provoke .people and make no effort to listen to them or understand their lifestyle, you must realise and take some responsibility for the reaction. There are Militant extremists, such as yourselves in all walks of life. but here are some Facts!

            1. There is NO gay agenda!
            2. Most Homosexuals (If not all) do NOT choose their sexuality, it is how they were made ( so, if you want, its gods choice).
            3. The Vast majority of Muslims in the UK and elsewhere are peace loving, kind, charitable people. – they are against extremism in there own communities, just as the vast majority of people on all sides in Northern Ireland do not support terrorism.
            4. The reason you only got 67 votes, (Which I would guess probably only came from your own)is because, most people (Evangelical Christians or not) realise this!

            I have meet and worked with many Gay people and Muslims. and traveled to lands which are predominately Islamic. I have meet the good and the bad in all groups of people and fell confident in my knowledge from first hand experience. can you say the same? or, as I suspect. will you continue to spout the same old prejudiced drivel, plagiarised from sources that are a bigoted,shortsighted and with an agenda of hate ?

          • There IS a homosexual agenda. Please see links below.



            The additional links below address your comment that the vast majority of Muslims in the UK and elsewhere are peace-loving, kind etc.

            The horrific rape statistics from the Netherlands (Sweden in particular) in which Muslim immigrants feature prominently as the offenders, and the horrific Muslim grooming gangs in England bear terrible testimony to the fact that your assertion is insupportable.


      • Thank you for your reply. You are quite right, I haven’t spoken to every Evangelical Christian in Northern Ireland, though I do have faith in our election process. A process which gives a voice to the masses, and exists so as to put in place a representative democracy. To run for the council elections you must also have some semblance of faith in this process, a process which included the votes of many Evangelical Christians- who failed to nominate you to represent them. Rather than concluding, as you have, that to some extent this community are apprehensive about speaking out, why not consider that you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient?

        You touch on my point slightly in saying that most Evangelicals couldn’t care less about the issues you raised in your campaign. Could it be that these issues are more personal to you than the Evangelical community in N.Ireland? I would contend that rather than being apathetic towards your issues, many Evangelicals will refute them (certainly I know many who would).

        I believe we have a different view on the word unjust, to which I meant as ‘unfaithful’, unfaithful to the Evangelical faith and to Christianity as a whole. I have read several of your blog posts, and you appear to discuss issues which are incredibly personal to your readers (marriage & children) in a rather flippant, shallow manner – without due diligence given to biblical reference or your own insight. Many of the posts are written in a way that can only antagonise rather than address. I don’t believe people react because you preach the truth, I think people react because they are shocked at your lack of humanity. They find it difficult to believe that a Christian is capable of thinking such a way.

        Undoubtedly you have been targeted, but this is only because of the false message you preach and nothing to do with you as a person. Your message increases suffering rather than alleviating it (which should undoubtedly be your mission) – this is the issue people have with you.

        • You speak of the “false message” we preach, and we challenge you to give one example of such falsehood, and, give examples of where we are “unfaithful to the Evangelical faith,” OR withdraw your slanderous remarks. You are not allowed to bear false witness dear lady, so provide evidence of any false message on our blog OR forever hold your peace.

          In San Francisco, in the 1980’s, a Christian Pastor, Chuck McIlhenny sacked a homosexual organist from his Church. The “gay” lobby took the Pastor to court. The Pastor won the case and the homosexuals went wild. They persecuted and harassed the Pastor and his church and, on one terrible night, they attempted to murder the Pastor and his family with a firebomb. Miraculously, the Pastor and family survived this murder bid unharmed.
          Now, dear lady, was the Pastor right to sack the homosexual organist, or was that unloving and judgmental of him?

          We are surprised that you describe our posts as “shallow” when others have spoken of the “phenomenal clarity” of our writing!

  4. It isn’t difficult to find examples of falsehood in your blog. I’ve quickly flicked to your most recent blog posts, where you discuss the Royal Family meeting a single mother in New Zealand. Most Evangelicals I know believe that God has a special role for single mothers. Without knowing what this is, you make a sweeping statement about this lady- “The inclusion of a single mother (assuming she is not a widow or divorced) and her child, sends out an anti-marriage message”. What if that lady has accepted God into her life, and has decided to live with Christianity as her main purpose as opposed to finding a husband? She does not deserve your quick dismissal.

    My main issue is that you are very quick to judge without knowing the full situation. Given your views on single mothers, I am curious to know your view on single Christians in your church? Unfortunately many singles in Evangelical churches feel isolated and alone, which I believe is a real failing of the church to met their members needs. It is something which needs addressed. Perhaps you do not agree?

    • The post about the single mother is not an example of falsehood on our blog because the lady in question IS a single mother.

      Now, either provide evidence of actual falsehood on our blog, or refrain from making false accusations.

      • I think you need to read my post more carefully. I was not denying that the lady you speak about is a single mother, I meant that your words in regard to her (i.e. sending out an anti-marriage message) send a spurious impression of the Christian faith

        I could I’m sure pick apart the majority of your blog posts, but there really is no point if you aren’t going to engage. It’s a shame really how you do close yourself to reader’s comments, I can’t see anywhere on your blog where you have adequately addressed concerns. Most of us realise that faith is something which needs constant self-reflection.

        • You used the word “falsehood” in relation to our blog posts and you have not provided one shred of evidence to back up your claim.

          Now, you have changed your terminology to “I could I’m sure pick apart the majority of your blog posts…”

          You have not withdrawn your false accusations against our blog, Madam, and we will take no lectures from you.

          Until you do withdraw your despicable and false accusation, we have nothing more to say to you.

  5. If the Pastor sacked the organist because of his sexuality, then Yes! it was extremely wrong and prejudiced!

  6. Never heard you the mighty anti-Islamist Mrs White call up Stephen Nolan this past 2 weeks and support the Pastor. I have no doubt you listened in and heard every word about it. You are a coward for your cause. I bet you paid those 67 idiots who voted for you. I note you have chosen not to publish recent comments submitted by others. You have plaster feet. I am glad someone posted a link on the BT to this article so people can see what you are like and they have.

    • You are an insulting and offensive individual Madam.

      We did not listen to every word spoken on the Nolan show. We tune in most days to hear the subject matter that will be discussed on a given day, then we decide whether we want to listen or not.

      Why did you expect to hear Mrs.White phoning in?

      What about Pastors and Ministers throughout this Province, did you not expect to hear their voices raised in support of Pastor McConnell?

      We expected nothing less, but were disappointed by the silence of most.

      Pastor McConnell has several Pastors on staff with him in his own church. Why have they not issued a statement in support of their colleague?

      The media (and one interviewer in particular) are stirring up trouble for James McConnell. When they speak to him, they do not interview him, they interrogate him.

      One radio host in particular has made as much trouble for the Pastor as he possibly could and he has whipped up anti-Christian hysteria.

      He would have been very successful as an interrogator during the Spanish Inquisition!

        • In which post did we mention the Spanish Inquisition?

          We take issue with your claim that said Inquisition was an example of Christian oppression and brutality. It was an example of Roman Catholic tyranny and brutality.

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