Each one was handmade by Jesus

The title of our post is a line from a song, “A billion starving people,” sung by the late Keith Green.

The words, “Each one was handmade by Jesus,” refer to murdered unborn children.

If any can view the following short video and not react with righteous anger at the slaughter of these innocents, then they are callous, heartless individuals.

10 thoughts on “Each one was handmade by Jesus

  1. I am having an abortion on wednesday because the goddam thing is making me feel so fking sick every day. My right to do this and to hell with you and your jars of beads.

    • We urge you to stop and consider what you are about to do, which is to ask other equally callous, wicked people to kill your unborn child next Wednesday. It is not your “right” to sentence another human being to death and your cold-hearted ruthlessness shown in your attitude to your unborn child, and your description of him/her is despicable.
      Does the father of your child know that you intend to pay killer medics to murder his unborn son or daughter next week? Someone who knows about you and your planned abortion should go to the police and inform them that a premeditated murder will take place next week.
      Show mercy to your unborn child by allowing him/her to live, otherwise you will have judgement without mercy as is stated in the epistle of James, chapter 2, verse 13 (New Testament)
      “For he shall have judgement without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgement.”

  2. Oh yes Susan that is a most sensitive and compassionate response if ever I saw one, call yourself christian?. God gave this woman a mind and a free will to decide what happens to her and anything within her body. Sal: you do what is right for you, your life and priorities come first. I bet the sperm donor has abandoned you, as men so often do they are cowards, so you make your choice and remember it is only YOUR choice that matters, dont listen to anyone else. The foetus knows nothing about anything so wont miss what it never had. Good luck and I hope you go somewhere reputable and safe ……………….

    • We have deleted your most recent comment. Your comment was addressed to Sal, not us, so, if you wish to communicate your admiration for Sal, who had her baby aborted, you can e-mail her.

  3. The ‘father’ of my ‘unborn’ has threatened that if I have it he will see to it that we are both done in. Men are one thing when they want to get sex from you and another after they get it from you. I am married to this loser so dont tell me I am promiscuous, cheap, loose or a slut. I dont live with him any more because my father ran him off when he started hitting me. I had the abortion yesterday in hospital because it was making me sick, I saw it afterwards in a dish in the delivery room and it was deformed which is why it made me so sick and I am glad I got rid of it because it would have made me sicker if it went on any longer. I dont want a reminder of a rubbish man and a rubbish marriage. I am glad it is gone. I am not a killer I did right thing for me, why should I suffer, why should I be so sick? why does a deformed baby with a maniac father matter more than me. I am glad the hospital helped me. Doctors in Belfast were so kind to me. You are cruel, heartless people. At least I am not sick and pregnant any more.

  4. 1 Timothy 2:12

    ‘But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet.’

    As a man, the bible states you cannot tell me what to do. I’ll have an abortion if I want. So there

  5. You inbred slag Susan. We have seen you in the BT today with your photo that shows your eyes are too close together for comfort. No way will you get votes. You look like an idiot – read the comments on the BT. People will come here and see what you and Francis are really like. Glad someone posted a link to this site. Backlash city for you two.

    • You sir (not worth the appellation) are a disgraceful wretch. Read Isaiah 6v5-” I am a man of unclean lips”. Jesus also said it would be by our words we would be justified or condemned (Matthew 12:37). Beware!

  6. Man, there is no need to be rude or use bad words. The fact is that Mrs White is a laughing stock as are her ideas. She is going through a phase and will one day come to her senses and realise what a fool her ideas make of herself. There is none so blind as those who refuse to see.

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