Royals embrace di(per)versity on New Zealand tour

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently touring New Zealand. Their baby Prince George is with them. Today they will visit a play group called Plunket, which is (according to their website,) ” a provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under 5.”

Diversity is the hallmark of this organisation’s “creed.”

In keeping with Plunket’s raison d’etre  i.e  the promotion of diversity (perversity is a more accurate term,) two male homosexuals and “their” daughter will be included in the group the Royals will meet, as will a single mother.

Plunket are perpetuating the lie that two men can have a child together and that this unnatural trio are a family.

The inclusion of a single mother (assuming she is not a widow or divorced,) and her child, sends out an anti-marriage message.

So, according to Plunket, family can mean anything you want it to mean and all lifestyles are equally valid.

This is politically correct liberal nonsense, and dangerous nonsense at that.

Will the Royals be disturbed by little Isabella and her “two daddies?”   We think not!

3 thoughts on “Royals embrace di(per)versity on New Zealand tour

  1. Shock Horror – hold the front page – someone somewhere has done something Mrs White disapproves of. Oh well who cares. If the Whites disapprove then it must be good.

    btw does a single mum only become anti marriage if you actually know how she became single? Should she carry a banner round her neck declaring that she is a widow so as not to offend Mrs White’s view of marriage? Perhaps she should just marry her ex husbands brother just to satisfy Mrs White – I am sure the bibble tells us so.

  2. Don’t pay attention to the bible. If we all follow the bible we would have to turn the other cheek when offended and love our neighbours. Then we would have no busy-bodies telling us how to live our lives. I am not sure how I would manage without Mrs White telling me how to think.

  3. What gives you the right to determine when it is or isn’t ok for a woman to be a single mother? Good parenting and family values do not lie in the number or gender of the parents (or single parent), it lies in their personalities, their love and their ability to raise their child to be understanding, loving, tolerating and accepting. (Traits which I gather you do not have.)

    There are hundreds of homosexual couples in Northern Ireland who should be given their right to marriage and be able to adopt without coming under scrutiny. Unfortunately, it is the older, stilted and close minded generation that you come from that will make it a h… of a lot harder for my generation to achieve equality, not just for gay couples but for women too. Heaven forbid a woman should raise a child on her own.

    I really and genuinely believe that people like you should be refused a public forum in which to speak, especially after reading some of your vile comments from Monday at the Strule Arts Centre.

    While you are entitled to your own beliefs and opinions and I do not deny you them, I wish you would take the same attitude and allow other people their rights to an opinion, to marriage and to equality.

    Please, go to Topeka, Kansas and join the Phelps family, that’s probably where you belong. No decent person in the Omagh District Area wants to hear the nonsense you are spewing.

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