(Dark) Green Pastures and their Blackout House Party!

Green Pastures, a supposedly “Evangelical” Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, is organising a Blackout House Party later this month.

The Bible verse that says that men loved darkness rather than light comes to mind.

Green Pastures is a very trendy outfit and providing entertainment, masquerading as teaching and worship, appears to be their modus operandi.

The name of their Youth Ministry is Revolution.

They certainly are engaged in a revolution but it is a revolution against Biblical modesty, order, discipline and self-control.

Here we will let them speak for themselves as they describe their House Parties (past and forthcoming,)

“We set new standards of crazy fun…..This is a frenzy that will definitely bring about uncontrolled excitement.”
“We are busy planning what craziness we are going to get up to.” (end of quotes)

In March 2011, Green Pastures had a Big Fat Masquerade Ball Formal and the promotional video for it features a man, dressed like a woman!

That “Formal!!!” was well named because most of these people ARE masquerading. They are masquerading as Christians!

See the worldliness and the godless behaviour evident at Green Pastures at the following links. One of the links has a fault with the sound which at least protects our hearing!




7 thoughts on “(Dark) Green Pastures and their Blackout House Party!

  1. What business is it of yours what they do? Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. There is no god, so they are no more true christians than you are.

  2. I go to green pastures and I’m part of the youth.My family moved to green pastures in September 2012 from another church you probably think is normal.Since I have been in green pastures and revolution youth I have grown in the word of god I have became closer to god.The house parties bring hundreds of your people into the house of god that usually would be out drinking or getting in bother.Green pastures has a heart for people and that is why we do all this is because I’m pretty sure a fun party is more appealing to someone who does not go to church rather than a boring meeting where nothings really exited.Green pastures just doesn’t sit and wait to Jesus comes we go out and help others know the lord and if that is not what Christians should do then there’s something wrong ! Just because its not a normal quiet church that just sits and waits to Jesus comes doesn’t mean we are not Christians because I have grown more in god than I have ever before and I have revolution youth and green pastures to thank !

  3. I go to green pastures ,my family moved there in September 2012 from a ‘normal’ church as you would call it.I go to revolution youth and I have grown so much closer to god since I’ve joined. The house party’s get hundreds of people aged 11-23 that usually don’t go to church into the house of god .We accept everyone not just Christians we invite the community.green pastures has a heart for people we aren’t a church that is just sitting there waiting to Jesus comes back we go out and help others we help them get saved. If a church is getting people in and hearing about god then we should be happy.Just because we are not a normal church doesn’t mean we are not Christians .What makes your idea of a Christian inferriour to ours ?? The black out house party got people into church that dont normally go to any church.Since I joined green pastures in 2012 I have seen so many young people get saved through revolution youth.We are doing something big in ballymeana for god and it would fail without him.Maybe if you opened your eyes to what green pastures is doing in the community and stop judging it on your biased opinion you would see that we are Christians that have a heart for people and love god ! We get exited because of what Jesus did for us and we can get to heaven because of that ! Please stop judging us on your biased opinion that a church has to be a wee quiet place that never stands out and has at most 70 members beacause that’s not what Christianity is about its about sharing the word of god and getting others saved and that is what green pastures and its revolution youth does.we are not dark we are a revoultion rising up for god !

  4. Good on you Sam.. Green pastures is a cracking church… We need thousands more churches like them.. Full of energy and enthusiasm for the lord Jesus… The churches are full of too much doom and gloom preaching!!!! Jesus is alive!!!! Sooooooo happy to see another mighty man of God rise up.. You run a brilliant church Jeff Wright!!!! Glory to Jesus xxx

    • We don’t need more worldly, compromised churches which look like the world and dress like the world. Many Evangelical churches today are like youth clubs or social clubs. They have their “worship bands” and their “greeter teams” and they refer to visitors as “guests.” This is done to make people feel comfortable in a “non-threatening” environment. Such “churches” produce shallow, self-centred people obsessed with “self-esteem” and the need to be entertained at church. A true church does not entertain sinners, it warns them, and, in case you have forgotten, the Bible is a very threatening book. It threatens sinners with eternal destruction unless they repent and come to Christ for salvation. Green Pastures is making people feel safe and comfortable in their sin and “preaches” a false message that emphasizes the love and mercy of God to the (almost) total exclusion of the wrath of God and His hatred for sin. He is “angry with the wicked every day.” Preach that message and see how many people stay around to hear it. Then you will know why most people attend Green Pastures.

    • I attended Green Pastures fotr three years, served on disabled Children’s minstry, served cleaning 4-8 hours a week, plus countless other things. I lost twins 18 weeks into pregnancy not once did anyone ask me how I was, not a text, not a phone call. The love of the evagelical ch8urch as awhole is selective. I gave up with christians six years ago, worship at home. I wish GP all the best, but sadly won’t ever be back. I dealt with my grief on my own.

  5. Seriously if this the only evidence you have of masquerading Christians, I’d probably cop on and maybe even come and visit a church (you’ve probably never been) that walks the walk and brings the stranger in feeding and clothing them physically and spiritually, just like Isaiah 58 says.

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