Spoonfeeding the masses with sugar-coated poison

See how Nabisco, makers of cereals, snacks and crackers, is promoting the homosexual agenda and making it appear “wholesome and normal.”

In the advert below, they also portray tattoos as “wholesome.”

Well, we have a word to describe this propaganda, “LOATHSOME.”


3 thoughts on “Spoonfeeding the masses with sugar-coated poison

  1. True equality indeed will come, but not until that day when every knee bows and every tongue confesses– some with joy, others with fear– that Jesus Christ is Lord. Are you prepared?

    • So you admit that the followers of your mythology do not embrace true equality even though you suggest your “deity” does.Maybe it is you who are out of step with your religion?

      As for your loaded question – you should ask yourself it as it would appear you are not.

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