What shall we do with a drunken gypsy – oops traveller

Who is Bridget Mongan? Could she be the same woman who attacked her brother as he lay in ICU, aided and abetted by an accomplice, Eileen Stokes?

Both of these women were drunk.

Both have previous convictions (see link)


The woman now calling for the dismissal of police officers in Londonderry, who, she alleges, left her in harms way when she was in a drunken state earlier this week, is called Bridget Mongan. She is aged 23 and she has a liking for alcohol.

The woman who attacked the man in hospital has the same name, is the same age and likes her drink.

Could they be one and the same?

Bridget Mongan’s boyfriend was arrested by Police shortly before she was “abandoned” by them. She was “annoyed” by the arrest of her darling boyfriend and she made clear her dislike of the police action by behaving in a manner that can only be described as “drunk and disorderly,” and, perhaps, impeded an arrest.

We will not comment on the actions of the police because we are not in possession of the facts.

The media have already gone into a “feeding frenzy” about this case and they are out to “devour the police.”

Some of them seek any excuse to criticise the police and they will exploit any case if it enables them to do just that, and it matters nothing to them that the so-called “victim” in this case, is a drunken, possibly violent, angry young woman.

6 thoughts on “What shall we do with a drunken gypsy – oops traveller

  1. Susan

    You say that you will not comment on the actions of the police, because you are not in possession of the facts. Yet you find yourself able to comment on that actions of this young lady, despite not being in possession of the facts. Double standards! Suppose I shouldn’t be surprised!

  2. I have to say I am with the writer on this one. This woman is a known trouble maker in Derry, she comes from a family of travellers and is a chronic pest. Has a list of convictions as long as your arm. I say drag her back to the bus lane and leave her there. She is not a ‘lady’ in any sense of the word even though I find ‘lady’ to be an unpalatable term used to categorise women. This woman is scum. How any woman can allow herself to be so stupid, so irresponsible is beyond me – she betrays the sisterhood and has no support from me.

    • We do not agree with you when you say “drag her back to the bus lane and leave her there.” We do not want anyone to be placed in harm’s way. It is uncharitable for you to describe her as you do, and it is somewhat hypocritical because the “sisterhood” i.e feminists encourage women to cast off all restraint and self-control, so she is not “betraying” the “sisterhood,” she is an example of it, albeit an extreme one. Feminism encourages women to behave in a loutish, ladette manner and such behaviour is not confined to travellers but is endemic in this feminist dominated society.
      If this woman has a “list of convictions as long as your arm,” as you say, why is she not in prison as a repeat offender? Karen, we appreciate you taking the time to comment on our post but we do not agree with everything you have said in it, which just goes to show that we allow people to disagree with us.

      • Yes Susan

        You allow people to disagree with you when it suits your purposes and you feel that you can argue back.

  3. I am a feminist and have never behaved like this and never would. A true feminist appreciates her body and her mind and would never abuse themselves as men would abuse us. This woman is from the travelling community which is why she is not behind bars.

    You know as well as I do Mrs White that these people are considered untouchables by the PSNI.

    Mrs White, if you think violence is endemic in a female dominated society then I ask you to step inside a male prison in Peru, Thailand, Jamaica, Brazil or North Korea where a woman would not last 3 minutes even if she was wearing a turtle-neck and long trousers as you probably do.

    Think about that ‘Madam’.

    • I do not believe that anyone is above the law and I have never heard anyone say that travellers (gypsies) are considered untouchable by the Police. You mention male prisons in several countries and the fact that women would be in grave danger in such places. Men are also in danger in such places. In South Africa, many men (disproportionately whites) have been sodomised in male prisons, and, in North Korea, both men and women are in grave danger every day of their lives, living, as they do, in a Communist state headed by a madman who recently had his uncle brutally murdered.
      The last part of your comment was deleted, for obvious reasons.

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