Green Pastures, Ballymena – “Passionate” about their Feminism

The following link shows highlights (?!!) of the 2014 “Passion” conference for women at Green Pastures Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

It is shocking to see how feminism and worldliness has infiltrated this so-called Evangelical church.

7 thoughts on “Green Pastures, Ballymena – “Passionate” about their Feminism

  1. So you’re against equal rights for women too then? Is anyone allowed rights in your ideal society or just straight rich white men?

  2. Susan Ann I used to go to this Church, I do not in any way endorse anything, however where is the feminism in the passion conference?

    • Gail, I have just written a post on our blog about the feminist Passion conference. Green Pastures permits women to exercise authority over men and call themselves “Pastors.” They invite women “Pastors” to address their Passion conference. There is no propriety in clothing in GP. Rebellion is everywhere in that place.

  3. Susan-Ann, they are preaching to women, not men at this conference. There is nothing wrong with their clothing. Why is it wrong for women to look nice? I no longer attend GP, but the Passion Conference is an awesome event.

    • I think your time at Green Pastures “church” has affected your judgement. I seem to remember that the church you previously attended (Mount Carmel)where your husband was Pastor had no problem with women speakers/Pastors. I am totally opposed to such views, and, if you still hold to them, it’s time you saw the error of your ways. You seem to think that the worldly Jezebels at Green Pastures with their torn jeans etc are “nice.” You also declare their women’s conference as “awesome.” Have you no spiritual discernment at all? I wish to remind you that you are commenting on our blog which is totally opposed to Feminism so this is obviously not the blog for you.

  4. Oh ok I’m not allowed to comment. I am an evangelical Christian. I was the Assistant Pastor at Mount Carmel. I am not a feminist. I do not attend Green Pastures, anymore. The Passion conference was great, however I do not attend that. I left Green Pastures, as I do not believe in healing on demand. However I do commend them on their good work, they do.

    I’m not allowed to comment, where is the room for healthy dialogue?

    You seem like a lovely lady, and you mean well, however where is the joy in your Christianity. I too was like you once, I had so many rules, they did not get me any closer to God, or please him in anyway. They held me in bondage.

    Christianity is a relationship with Jesus, he truly sets us free.

    I hope you have found a fellowship where, you are growing.

    As I said you mean well, but what you propose is a Calvin’s Geneva which didn’t work. You and I are not the Holy Spirit we cannot do his work. You cannot force people. Share the love of Jesus.

    John 3;3 For God so loved the world.

    We need to be out seeking and saving the lost.

    I know you don’t like me very much, but we are sisters in Christ. I pray you will be blessed in everyway.

    Every blessing from Ballymoney Take good care of yourself Susan Ann.

  5. Read books on the origin of Heresy. Unfirtunately it is not for anyone in the world of christianity to judge as christianity originally was constructed from all forms and styles of worship so that the various individuals invited to church would feel at ease.
    Green pastures was an amazing place to be. I only hope I could be lucky enough to be a part of their community one day. I do however understand the concerns outlined in previous reads and can only remind you that an introduction to the word can come from the strangest places.

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