Vive La Difference!

Radical feminists believe that the differences between males and females can be downplayed or ignored. They seek a “unisex” society.

They believe that the differences between the sexes is a social construct.

By the way, radical feminism is feminism taken to its logical conclusion. Those who describe themselves as “moderate” feminists need to understand the goal of the feminist movement i.e androgyny.

A sane, healthy society is one where the differences between the sexes are emphasised and accepted.

A society that seeks after unisex this and androgynous that, is sick, and ultimately doomed.

Click on the following link, and, as you read, remember the Creator of the Universe, who, at the beginning, made them male and female.

5 thoughts on “Vive La Difference!

  1. What utter nonsense. Feminists celebrate the biological differences between men and women, we celebrate the power that the female body possesses and we celebrate the victory we fought so hard for in having autonomy over our bodies. No longer do women have to stay pregnant if they do not wish to. We can control our fertility to the degree that medical technology allows us – the Pill is not 100% perfect but can still allow us sexual liberty to a degree women pre-1960’s could not. If it fails us then we have recourse to safe legal abortion. Men have always enjoyed sexual freedom now we women can do the same. Men and women are anatomically different but men are inferior to women in so many ways. Women are the brightest, strongest species, we survive on our wits and not on aggression. Men and women can perform equally in the workplace and we feminists have proven this. We perform differently in the bedroom and we love our children more than men love their children. Women have died for their children, men have not. Women terminate pregnancies through love and for concern for the fetus, better not to be born at all than to be born unwanted and unprovided for. That is the power we women have, no man will ever have it. Men have killed far more babies throughout history both born and unborn, than women ever have and ever will.

  2. Mrs White, I admit there are women who are weaker than men because they are happy to be weak and submissive and subservient to men – we can do nothing for them because they refuse to do anything for themselves. The doors were opened for women to walk through years ago, if some refuse to walk then I pity them. You are one of those women Mrs White.

    • Will you kindly address the quote from Shulamith Firestone? She did not “celebrate the biological differences between men and women” (you stated that feminists do celebrate the biological differences between men and women.)
      Also, will you address the fact that you are ignoring i.e there are some jobs eminently unsuitable for women because they do not possess the necessary physical strength.

  3. You prove my point – you are directing me about what line to think along and what I should say….I am in charge of my own mind and I say what I think needs to be said. Mrs White, I think you need to think to learn that a fair discussion does not involve demanding people speak within your parameters and address only points you want addressed. No wonder you cannot find people to debate with you when you cannot cope with other points of view but your own! you take your lead from men too much, that much is obvious. It is for a woman to decide if a job is unsuitable for herself, not for people with your attitude that equates physical strength with weakness of mind or ability. There is no job that is unsuitable for a woman in this day and age. We have proven that. I am sorry that it annoys you too.

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