Freedom is the reward for barbaric Kirkwoods and Morrow

Four men were allowed to walk free from a Belfast court today despite being found guilty of appalling acts of animal cruelty.

All four received a six-month prison sentence, suspended for two years. And this is justice?!!!!

The four depraved individuals are, Jeremiah Kirkwood, Chris Kirkwood, Wayne Kirkwood and Jamie Morrow.

The Kirkwoods are from a well-known Loyalist family, Daddy Kirkwood having links to the murderous UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force.)

These four men should be behind bars this night. The Judge should have handed down the maximum sentence available to her (but even that sentence i.e two years, would not have been long enough.)

Justice was not done and these savages have been “rewarded” for their devilish cruelty with their freedom.

Are we to believe that law-breakers will become law-keepers overnight?

On the contrary, this night may find them “painting the town red” as they wallow in their freedom and laugh at what passes for “justice” in Northern Ireland.

Considering the crimes of the Kirkwoods and Morrow (and their as yet unidentified fellow dog and cat killers,) the phrase “painting the town red” has ominous overtones.

Animal lovers out there, protect your pets!

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