Feminism uncovered at Stormont – Arrest the offender!

A Feminist/Anarchist who goes by the name of Cara Park exposed herself during a feminist event last Saturday at Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Northern Ireland.

The event was organised to mark International Women’s Day (or anti-Women’s Day as we prefer to call it.)

The anarchic feminist Park then launched into a wicked, predictable unhinged rant.

Where were the Police as this exhibitionist exposed herself. Surely there were Police officers in or around Stormont, the seat of Northern Ireland “Government.”

Some politicians have condemned the conduct of Cara Park (and rightly so,) but they seem unable to grasp the extent to which feminism is to be found in the ranks of the political parties they represent.

The so-called conservative (with a small “c”) parties have all embraced the feminist agenda (to a greater or lesser degree.)

They appear to be afraid of the “moderate” feminists in their ranks when they should face them down and refuse to give in to their insatiable demands, because the behaviour of Park is nothing other than dangerous feminism taken to its logical (albeit) extreme conclusion.

8 thoughts on “Feminism uncovered at Stormont – Arrest the offender!

  1. I was one of the women there that day and Cara spoke with eloquence and intelligence. She was not topless, she had her breasts covered lightly. How sad you are that you consider articulate, beautiful women as wicked and worthy of being arrested. Cara is proof that we women are strong, we love our bodies, we are not ashamed to be naked,………………. We are born naked and we die naked. There is nothing more threatening to the weak and the wicked than the Empowered Woman. Deal with it.

    • The woman who opposes Feminism is neither weak nor wicked. On the contrary it takes courage to oppose totalitarian, despotic feminists. Feminists threatened the life of Erin Pizzey when she told the truth about domestic violence i.e that women can be violent too, because feminists would lose public sympathy for their “cause” if the truth was made public. The feminist demand for “reproductive rights” i.e abortion is another example of the wicked, destructive nature of “the Sisterhood.” You and your ilk Madam are Feminasties.

  2. We are powerful women unafraid of people like you who are stuck in the middle-ages with narrow minds and filled with shame about everything. I feel sorry for you, you will never know true freedom of mind and body!

  3. Intelligent, articulate and empowered women have always been reviled by the religions and religious people of this world. There is nothing more terrifying or more enraging to the oppressors of women like yourself than women who speak their mind, assert their sexuality and profess ownership of their bodies. An educated and liberated woman, unashamed of her body and in control as the decider of her fertility, will always defy the backward preachings and attitudes of those religious fanatics who cannot deal with strong women. The woman who wears the burqa is no different to the female church-goer who is offended by female nudity. Both are oppressed and will never know their true selves until they feel at one with their bodies as nature made them.

    • I consider myself an intelligent, articulate woman and there is nothing more terrifying to feminists than a woman who is opposed to them and who can easily demolish their nonsensical arguments. You have more than met your match in me, Madam. I have yet to find a feminist to oppose me in a public debate.

  4. How many public debates have you had Mrs White? maybe such women cannot be bothered with women like you who are tied to the bible, their husbands and have no mind of their own. If this blog is an indication of the kind of arguments you raise and the opinions you hold then no wonder ‘feminists’ cannot be bothered with you. You are a lost cause before you even begin. One cannot discuss liberation and freedom with another who is subservient to men and a book written by men.

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