Mark Driscoll – New Evangelical, New Calvinist but probably not a New Creation!

Trendy, worldly “Pastor” Mark Driscoll is endorsing the new (supposedly) Bible film entitled, “Son of God.”

He would, wouldn’t he?

Our information leads us to believe that the aforementioned film is not Biblically accurate nor reliable, and the producers could hardly be called fundamentalist Bible-believing Christians.

Thrice-married Roman Catholic Roma Downey, who supported “former” IRA terrorist Martin McGuinness in his bid to become President of the Republic of Ireland a couple of years ago is one of the producers along with her husband, the twice or thrice-married (we can’t find out for sure) Mark Burnett.

This film should be avoided by Evangelical Christians at all costs.

The foolish, worldly and spiritually dim so-called Christians are falling over themselves in their praise of it, all the while making Mr. & Mrs. Burnett very rich.

It comes as no surprise that Mark Driscoll is endorsing and promoting such a film as he is a “stuntman” and loves and seeks publicity and controversy.

He and his wife wrote a book about marriage two years ago and we have heard enough about it and read enough reviews of it to know it is a disgraceful, disgusting book. Driscoll is obsessed with the vulgar and obscene and his wife is just like him.

They appeared on a TV show in the USA some time ago to promote their book and the interview is online. The conversation was not becoming a “Christian”Pastor and his wife, and Mrs.Driscoll was immodest in her attire.

Judging by their “fruits” neither Driscoll is a new creation through faith in Christ, because the Bible says that “by their fruits ye shall know them.”

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