Comment reveals the black heart of New Sodom

The article below was written by Pastor Scott Lively on 26.2.14. We believe it deserves a wide readership. Scott Lively is a courageous and compassionate Christian gentleman. He has endured much opposition from the homosexual lobby in particular, for his uncompromising stand against the imposition of the homosexual agenda on society.
Pastor Lively received one particularly vile comment on the article below and he has reprinted it at the end of his article because it serves as an example of the warped thinking of homosexuals and homosexualists, and the violent hatred they harbour for all who oppose them.

The comment is desperately wicked and we have deleted many words, but we think our readers should see the comment, as it reveals that “gays” do not simply want to be left alone, they intend to force society to approve of their sexual behaviour, or else!!

Homosexualists just can’t think straight
by Scott Lively

One of the most serious but least discussed consequences of choosing a homosexual lifestyle is the loss of critical thinking skills. What is worse, this malady seems to spread fairly easily to non-homosexuals who closely associate with people in the LGBT community (though this observation is by definition unscientific since there exists no objective standard for determining if someone is “gay,” thus a person’s self-declaration is the only measure.)

From the inability to distinguish disagreement from “hate,” or tolerance from approval, to conflating sex and love, homosexualists (ie anyone “gay” or straight who advocates for the mainstreaming of homosexuality) just can’t think straight.

For example, any clear-thinking person can see that basing a right to marry solely on romantic attraction opens the marriage door to many other deviant relationships: polygamy, polyamory, incest, pederasty and even pedophilia. Somehow homosexualists can’t see it.

It is also self-evident that all human beings are heterosexual by design. It is simply unarguable that all sexuality, even the awareness of having a sexual nature, derives from this obvious physiological reality. Yet homosexualists (without a shred of proof after decades of scientific efforts) not only insist that “homosexual orientation” is normal and innate, but also insist that it is impossible for a self-declared “gay” or lesbian to ever reorient to heterosexuality in conformity with the design of his or her body….Even when their illogic is being challenged by former homosexuals!!

Then there is the narrative implicit in all LGBT rhetoric and policy goals, to wit “all disapproval of homosexuality leads inevitably to hatred, violence and even murder of homosexuals (which is why, for example, “gay” anti-bulling policies require all schoolchildren to be brainwashed to believe that homosexuality is good and normal instead of simply teaching them to respect others despite their differences). This narrative does not reflect reality. It is a mutually-reinforced paranoid delusion, yet it drives the homosexualists with such desperate urgency that every person who dares even to whisper that marriage is for one man and one woman is targeted for personal destruction, from Anita Bryant in the 1970s to Phil Robertson just recently. Few have survived the attacks unscathed.

If fact, so desperate are LGBT activists to prove their false narrative that they regularly commit “hate crimes” against themselves as evidence!! Google “gay hoaxes” to see just how common is this bizarre phenomenon. Even the story of their ultimate “hate crime” poster child, Matthew Shepard, was a hoax. An uncharacteristically forthright “gay” journalist spilled the beans last September (after ten years of intensive propaganda to millions of schoolchildren and passage of a federal “hate crimes” law bearing his name) that Shepard was tortured and murdered by “gay” sex partners in a drug deal gone bad.

In 1973, after an intensive campaign of pressure and harassment by LGBT activists, the board of the American Psychiatric Association voted to remove homosexuality as a mental illness from their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), the “bible” of mental health professionals. It was as if they opened Pandora’s Box and unleashed an invisible plague that attacks the reasoning centers in the brain. Now forty years later the evidence is overwhelming that the DSM should never have been modified. The only problem is that most of the people with the power to change it back are now homosexualists themselves, infected with the same disorder. God help us.


Here is a response to this article from, a good example of why the DSM should not have been revised.

You stinking …… ! You abomination ! You poor excuse for a human being ! You lying, hypocritical ,self-righteous sack of dog …. !   It’s an insult to … to call you this, because at least … is valuable as fertilizer ! But you, Scott Lively, are  nothing but a worthless and stinking sack of vomit and pus !!!

You are NOT a Christian. Merely a  bigoted  …… masquerading as one .  If I ever met  you,I would want to kick you in the groin until your testicles ruptured  ,  break all four of your arms and legs until you were a
quadriplegic, cut out your tongue  and shove it down your throat , and  bring a gang of gay men to … you in the .. until you needed a colostomy bag for the rest of your miserable, worthless life .

I have far more respect for any rat or cockroach than for a miserable little … like you !

You belong in prison for the rest of your miserable life for encouraging the government of Uganda to persecute and murder gay people !

You are no better than Hitler ,just lacking the power fortunately .  You are also probably a repressed gay man and in the closet , you hypocritical little …. !

Please , do this country and the world a  huge  favor and  HANG YOURSELF , or put a gun to  your head.  That would be good use of a gun for once .   You are a cancer on the face of humanity , the lowest scum on earth .   …, you, … you, and … you again ! … you into the ground, you  vile, evil, stinking , hateful ,worthless ,hypocritical ,lying , self-righteous   abomination !!!!!   In the future ,  you will be a byword for evil !!!!!

2 thoughts on “Comment reveals the black heart of New Sodom

  1. How does one persons response to a comment written by someone who (like yourself) writes vile, deluded nonsense get to be representative of what all the people you hate think. It is, after all, only one persons comment. Unlike of course Lively’s comments which you support – so that is two in the hatred camp and one gay person in the nasty comment camp.

    That puts you in a larger group representing your hatred than the single gay person you are out to use to smear everyone else.

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    You really should try to think sometimes – even once would be a bonus.

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