Sly old Fox (News commentator) Kirsten Powers

Kirsten Powers, a left-wing Democrat and Fox News commentator and supposedly a “devout Evangelical Christian,” wrote an article in USA Today magazine entitled, “Jim Crow laws for gays and lesbians?”

This despicable woman Powers is stating that Christians who supported a Bill which would protect Christian bakers, photographers, florists etc., who oppose homosexual “marriage” are “essentially arguing for homosexual Jim Crow laws.”

One such Bill was being considered in the State of Kansas, USA.

According to Kirsten Powers, the Bill was “blessedly killed”  in the Kansas State Senate.

The Jim Crow law, according to the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, stems from a time in US history and meant any of the laws that enforced racial segregation in the South between the end of the formal Reconstruction period in 1877 and the beginning of a strong civil rights movement in the 1950’s.

Kirsten Powers can’t tell the difference between skin colour (which one is born with) and homosexuality (which is the result of indoctrination and/or choice.)

She is both a wolf (in sheep’s clothing) and a sly fox (devious and cunning.) She is the enemy within.


Click on the following link to read the article.

To listen to her “conversion” story, click on the following link.

One thought on “Sly old Fox (News commentator) Kirsten Powers

  1. Are you scared to be questioned on your statements ? Is your faith so weak that it cannot stand up to questioning?

    Refusing to post responses to your posts would suggest that you know that you are posting unevidenced assertions (in other words nonsense) which you use to support your homophobia and attempt (without success) to incite it in others.

    The truth might set you free – if you actually had any idea what the truth was but as long as you refuse to even consider what might be the truth and rely on sources which tell you (without you actually checking to see if they are credible) what they want you to say all you are doing is peddling other peoples lies and prejudices.

    You are a shameful coward.

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