Legoland is venue for “Halal Fun Day” ( this is no laughing matter)

On 9th March this year, Legoland in England is the venue for a Muslim Family Fun Day. The event is described as a “family centre event where we aim to bring Halal entertainment/environments for Muslim families in the West.”

The event is being organised by the Muslim Research and Development Corporation, which is headed by Haitham al Haddad, a preacher of hate who has previously stated that Jews are descended from “apes and pigs” and offered his support for the death penalty for those who leave Islam. He also supports female genital mutilation.

Read about him and his organisation at the following link,

Muslims had another “Fun Day” (an Eid “Fun Day) last November at Chessington World of Adventures theme park in Surrey.

Remember the Eid “celebrations” Muslims engaged in last year, in Gaza in particular, when Muslims took part in a frenzy of bloodletting as they tortured animals to death?  See our previous post entitled, “Muslims torture cattle in frenzy of bloodletting in Gaza”  posted on 16th December, 2013.

We hope that there was no animal slaughter during the “Eid Fun Day” at Chessington!
We wonder what they have in mind for their upcoming “Halal Fun Day” in Legoland.

Local residents in Windsor are (understandably) concerned about the forthcoming Fun Day in Legoland.

In particular, they are astonished that Legoland has hired its facilities to a man such as Haitham al Haddad, and demonstrations may ensue.

One thought on “Legoland is venue for “Halal Fun Day” ( this is no laughing matter)

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    Prepare for ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!

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