Feminism at work – systematically weakening the Police Force and the Fire Service etc..

Female police officers in England are twice as likely as their male colleagues to fail new compulsory fitness tests. The test was introduced in September, 2013.

350 officers failed the test, of which 236 were women, that is 67% of the total number who didn’t demonstrate the requisite fitness level.

Feminism’s assault on jobs traditionally undertaken by men has been disastrous for society in general and men in particular as they are forced by dangerous Equal Opportunity laws to work alongside physically incapable women in occupations such as soldiering, firefighting and law enforcement.

Despite the Feminist demand that “gender-norming” standards are applied in their insane attempt at gender-bending, still many women are failing fitness tests.

This would be risible were the consequences not so serious, which they are, and those who suffer are not the Harriet Harmans of this world or the detestable Fawcett Society harridans but rather the women and girls who believe the dangerous nonsense emanating from these “Equality Enforcers” i.e that the sexes are interchangeable and that women can enter any and every occupation that is open to men.

They cannot, and must not, lest we find our safety, individually and nationally, deeply and dangerously compromised.

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One thought on “Feminism at work – systematically weakening the Police Force and the Fire Service etc..

  1. Females likewise are weakening the christian churches. Mrs White, take a back seat, you have no reason to speak on this blog. You are just a woman so shut your big fat mouth. Women should be seen and not heard or listened to.

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