Offensive play ban reversed – Communist agenda at work – writ large!

A wise and commendable decision to ban an offensive, irreverent play in Newtownabbey’s Theatre at the Mill has been reversed, and the production will run as originally scheduled.

The heathens are gloating (naturally.) They made great use of the word “censorship” in their campaign to force the Councillors of Newtownabbey Borough Council to overturn their original ban, and they obviously succeeded in convincing many of them to do just that.

Our readers may or may not know, that a book, written in 1958, holds the key to understanding the ubiquitous use of this word “censorship” by the left-wing intelligentsia.

The book was written by Cleon Skousen and was entitled, “The Naked Communist.”

We have not read the book, but we know that the author described Communist goals in great detail.

Goal 24 is of particular interest in our present discussion, and here we quote it,

“Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.”

Now isn’t that interesting!

We are not saying that the play “The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged)” is obscene because we have not seen it nor do we have any desire to see it, but, having heard some of the dialogue from it on radio news reports, we believe it is irreverent and mocking AND verging on blasphemous.

The point we are making is that Socialists/Marxists make use of the word “censorship” to force on society that which is depraved and evil, under the guise of Art/Culture.

By the way, one does not need to see a play or film etc to know it should be banned, just as one does not need to eat a whole apple to know it is rotten.

We commend those Councillors who opposed this play and banned it.

We condemn the others!



4 thoughts on “Offensive play ban reversed – Communist agenda at work – writ large!

  1. Many find the contents of christianity offensive – would you support the banning of church services or the bible so as not to offend them?. If not you are a hypocrite,

    “By the way, one does not need to see a play or film etc to know it should be banned”

    Yes you do – nice to see you you have at least recognised how indefensible your position is but you will have to try a lot harder to mitigate your naked hatred of anything you do not agree with. If you think it will offend you then don’t go and see it then you will not be offended. I don’t go to churches because I know they will say things I find offensive but I would never try and ban them.

    We do not live in a theocracy – much less your fundamentalist extremist version which is more akin to the versions of Islam against which you vent your hatred with such regularity.

    The people you rail against are not communists but you certainly are a fascist, a christofascist in fact.

    Go and live by your own beliefs and let the rest of us live by ours.

  2. I find much of the content of this blog offensive and yet you would not tolerate being banned from writing it I suppose? if you do not tolerate being told what you can and cannot write here for public viewing then what right do you have to demand that what someone else writes for public viewing be banned? you both are a prime example of typical religious fundamentalist arrogance. Personally I think God has a great sense of humour…he created Mr and Mrs White after all and I bet He has not stopped laughing ever since.

  3. Ban this blog then too? what applies to one must apply to another. This blog is offensive. Too many reasons to list why. Why should you not be banned likewise?

  4. I’m a Christian and I do not understand why people tried to ban it,if you are offended don’t go watch it! From the parts I have seen I don’t find it offensive its just somones entepritation of the bible. Theres jokes thought it but do you think that when Mary was told she was pregenant there wouldnt of jokes made about her ?? We say the bible is all serious but do you only think humor has only came around lately ? Obviously Jesus and his disciples would of took the hand out of each other like friends do today , the didn’t just spend piles of time with each other and not have any funny moments or memorys !! Also do you not think because you are against you should stop others watching it ?? That’s why so many people are starting to become non believers is because different church’s think their veiw is superior to others. This happens inside Christianity as well!

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