Ravi, Ravi, how contrary, how your compromise does grow!

Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias continues to sow confusion by his refusal to separate (and remain separate from) heretical teachers such as Joyce Meyer and cultists (the Mormons.)

Earlier this month, he was in Salt Lake City, headquarters of the LDS (Mormon) Church, speaking at their Tabernacle. He engaged in the same folly in 2004 when he spoke at the same LDS Tabernacle, the first Evangelical Christian to speak in that building since D.L.Moody in 1871 and 1899.

We cannot understand why any Evangelical Christian would speak (or have spoken,) in the Mormon Tabernacle, because Mormonism is not, and never has been, Christian. It was, and still is, a cult, with another Jesus and another Gospel.

Of course Mormonism is the winner whenever foolish Evangelicals, such as Ravi Zacharias and Al Mohler accept invitations to speak in famous Mormon buildings and establishments, such as the Mormon Tabernacle and Brigham Young University, because they lend respectability to the cult and muddy the waters between Biblical Christianity and deceptive Mormonism.

The following links about the increasing compromise of Ravi Zacharias are recommended. One link in particular concerns a book entitled, “The Kingdom of the Cults,” by the late Dr. Walter Martin, which was updated in 2003 with Ravi Zacharias as the General Editor. The book describes Mormonism as a cult, yet, despite this fact, and Mr. Zacharias’s name on the front cover of said book, in 2004, a year after the updated version was published, he was to be found at the Mormon Tabernacle, as the invited speaker for the Mormon cult!





3 thoughts on “Ravi, Ravi, how contrary, how your compromise does grow!

  1. First Walter Martin has no PhD or MD or anything to make him a doctor of anything. The fact that people keep calling him “Dr” shows the lies that are perpetuated at all costs, to prop up their false positions, and yet these same people call Mormons liars.

    The liar Zacharias should never have been allowed in the Tabernacle to speak.

    • Dr.Walter Martin had a legitimate claim to the title “Dr” and the link below proves this to be the case.


      You slander those who refer to him as such. The actual liars are the LDS church who are encouraged to cover up the truth about Mormonism in order to gain converts. This LDS practice is known as “lying for the Lord” i.e lying for the Mormon god(s).

  2. D.L. Moody was one of the greatest evangelists in our nation’s history. Ravi Zacharias is the same for us today. Both have/had deep and broad success on both an individual and corporate level with soul winning—and that in extremely difficult venues. Ravi Zacharias has stated that he carefully considers situations before entering & goes in where the light is the dimmest. Why is it so hard to trust that he entered a field as difficult as the Mormon Tabernacle itself with the earnest desire to win souls to Jesus? He who wins souls is wise. His talks there are available on YouTube. If only we could be so wise as to appreciate the subtleties of what he said there & the hearts reached for eternity.
    No kidding that LDS doctrine & practice is not historic Christianity. That’s the simple part.
    Now—how do you go about helping those who are deceived out of such deception? What methods have YOU writers successfully employed? Can your next blog be about that?

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