Yet another threat from “peaceful” Muslims!

On 14/1/14, we received a comment on one of our posts from our new “friend” who goes by the name of “Anglo Irish Muslim.”

We deleted most of it, but left the threatening words for all to see.

Here they are, and the quote is as it appears on our comment page i.e his/their use of capitals and exclamation marks etc.,

“……………………………………….I have decided – we must do something about your attitude and beliefs madam! they MUST be CHANGED and WE WILL DO IT !!!!!!  (end of comment)

Need we (the blog owners,) say any more?



2 thoughts on “Yet another threat from “peaceful” Muslims!

  1. Well you do provoke and denigrate them so what do you expect? I wish Anglo Irish Muslim all the best in trying to change the opinions of bigots and racists like yourselves.

  2. You woman, need to get your head out of that bible of yours and take a look at the world around you. I cannot believe that someone could be so closed minded and so insensitive to the world around them. You are too busy forcing your biblical rules on people and not putting yourself in other peoples shoes to see the hurt that you are inflicting. You say that homosexuals are going to be judged by God, dear woman, how foolish you are, you are going to be judged more so than anyone else. Everyone has the right to be who they want to be, and love the person who they want to love. And you should reserve the right to let people live how they please. Before you jump to conclusions, I am neither muslim nor gay, I am Irish and refuse to let people like you define who we are.

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