Red China’s appalling animal cruelty

The wretched Communist State of China has an appalling record of savagery and is guilty of the mass murder of its citizens over many years, citizens who dared to question the tyrants in power in that land, with particular brutality directed towards Chinese Christians.

Perhaps less well known is China’s appalling record of animal cruelty.

Yet the wicked Chinese leadership are courted and feted by foolish, cowardly Western governments who, for the most part, turn a blind eye to the conduct of this totalitarian state.

Read the following harrowing article, and then view the news item to see what some depraved Chinese inflict on defenceless animals,

4 thoughts on “Red China’s appalling animal cruelty

  1. Having looked through this site I note you have not dug up any articles or videos of cruelty on animals committed by British people. You only use those featuring foreigners to further your racist agenda on this blog. Which race is next on your list of hate then?

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