….and now meet the Kirkwood Family – Northern Ireland’s home-grown animal killers!

This week in Northern Ireland, three men from one family pleaded guilty to appalling acts of animal cruelty.

Their names?  Jeremiah Kirkwood (43,) and his sons, Christopher (23) and Wayne (20).

A co- accused is Jamie Edward Morrow (19,) who originally faced three charges. Two of these were left on the books after he admitted a charge of keeping or training an animal for a fight.

Another rogue, who has got off scot free is the wife of Kirkwood, Catherine by name. She was also in the dock along with her wicked husband and sons.
In Court, the Crown offered no evidence against her so she was allowed to go free. Why?!!

Are we to believe she knew nothing about her evil family’s activities? What about the neighbours? Have none of them a case to answer?

Did they not see or hear anything suspicious? One would think that when cats were being torn apart by dogs (which provided “entertainment” for the devilish Kirkwood’s,)  the neighbours might have heard something!

One of the links below contains a picture of “Daddy” Kirkwood. Look at it closely, it is the face of evil.




We hope that the sentences handed down to these savages will reflect the enormity of their crimes AND serve as a warning to others who, like the Kirkwoods and their associates, are children of the devil.

4 thoughts on “….and now meet the Kirkwood Family – Northern Ireland’s home-grown animal killers!

  1. So since you wrote this character assassination of a report, where you have belittled these people, are you now prepared to write an apology to them, as all there charges have been dropped? Next time maybe you should get your facts 100% watertight before writing an article which could quite frankly be used as toilet roll!!??

  2. I remember badgers and badger holes as a kid and Im a former neighbour of his. Not sure if I was being groomed to become like them.

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