Eamonn McCann – the Londonderry “Red” – don’t listen to a word he says!

Well-known Socialist revolutionary Eamonn McCann was a contributor on the Nolan show yesterday, along with Ian Collins, debating the subject of ,”Is it time to decriminalise cannabis here?”

Mr.Ian Collins made a valuable contribution to the discussion, warning about the dangers of cannabis and reinforced his argument by urging listeners to google the topic of “Cannabis and death.”

Mr.McCann was, oh so predictable, uttering his usual left-wing, (and dangerous) foolishness.

In the video found at the following link, Peter Hitchens takes part in a debate at Exeter University on 29th November, 2012, on the motion, “This House would Legalise Cannabis.” He was seconded by David Raynes. Both men opposed the motion (and rightly so.)

Those arguing for the motion are Peter Reynolds and Stephen Davies (shame on them.)


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