UK on New Year’s Eve 2013 – drunken louts and wretching (and wretched) feminists

Some online newspapers carried pictures of the debauchery that passed for New Year “celebrations” 2013, on the streets of many UK cities and towns, (and, no doubt, elsewhere also.)

The results of the sexual revolution are clearly seen in the pictures (most of which are too disgusting for us to give a link to,) but the sexual revolutionaries who started the campaign to overthrow Biblical morality (such as Kinsey and Margaret Sanger,) have been spectacularly successful, because most young people today are living the life that the revolutionaries envisaged for them i.e sexual anarchy.

Most young men and women today live immoral lives where drunkenness is the “norm” and the “uniform” of Feminism (near-nakedness,) is proudly worn.

Chivalry and self-control are virtues almost unheard of today.

Despite the seeming hopelessness of the situation, we still advocate and uphold, (and practice) these lovely virtues, and, on this blog, we encourage others to follow our lead.

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