Islam predicted to become Irish Republic’s second religion by 2043

Construction on a mega-Mosque is due to commence in Dublin this year (2014.)

This frightening development should communicate something to you, citizens of the Irish Republic, because, according to an expert on Islam, a Mosque, to Muslims, is a symbol of their dominance in a particular area.

Another man who is very knowledgeable on the reasons behind Mosque-building in a given area stated the following,

“A Mosque is not merely a place of worship. Islamic doctrine requires the application of Islamic law within its geographical reach.”

So you have been warned (and not for the first time on this blog.)

Here is a link to an article about the predicted growth of Islam in the Irish Republic,

16 thoughts on “Islam predicted to become Irish Republic’s second religion by 2043

  1. I am involved with the Islamic community in Belfast and their aim to finance and build an appropriate mosque for worship in this city. I take it you have a place of worship? why should Muslims in Northern Ireland and the Republic not have the equivalent of a christian cathedral or church for their own worship? why do you concentrate of the actions of Islamic fanatics when the actions of christian fanatics in this province are of more concern to people here? calm down and accept that Islam is fast outgrowing Christianity in popularity not only in the UK and Ireland, but around the world. We are peaceful toward those who are peaceful towards us.

    • Kindly describe who you have in mind when you speak of “Christian fanatics?” We don’t know of any true Christian who has threatened or killed anyone in Northern Ireland, or anywhere else for that matter. Christians have not sought to silence all opposition to Evangelical Christianity by labelling opponents as “Christophobes.” Bible-believing churches do not plan Jihad within their walls, they do not advocate “honour” killings nor female genital mutilation. You are not comparing like with like, Sir.
      We note your comment that you are “peaceful toward those who are peaceful towards us.” What is your demeanour towards those who do not want to see Jihad and other horrors on their doorstep? Why does Geert Wilders require 24 hour police protection from “peaceful” Muslims.

      • You really take the biscuit.

        You really take the no true Scotsman fallacy to the extreme.

        Can you not think of any true christian who has killed another? Can you not think of any true christian who has quoted bible verses calling for the death of others because their scripture tells them?

        You live in a fantasy world (not just your religion) if you think christianity has been a religion of peace.

        You are christian fanatics – lost in a world of fear and myth – who chose to strike out at anyone who does not conform to your view of a christian. There are far more in this world who would say that you are not the true christian.

        Mrs White – you are a farce.

  2. You are poorly informed about Islam. Female genital mutilation is a cultural practice, not a religious one and Muslims in developed countries abhor this procedure as would anyone. Muslims do not advocate so-called ‘jihad’ or ‘honour killings’, once again you are confused with cultural attitudes. Your is yet another ill-informed voice which results from a diet of poorly chosen reading material and societal ignorance. In our communities we discuss ‘jihad’ as much as your Christian colleagues would discuss burning down the monasteries.

    • Here is a quote from the article below, “Although the mainstream media routinely take pains to avoid any insinuation that FGM has anything to do with Islam, doctrinally, historically, geographically and juridically, the practice is intrinsically linked to Islam.”

      Sir, you did not answer our question about Geert Wilders and why he needs police protection from Muslims.
      Also, we would like to know if Christians would be permitted to build a Church in Saudi Arabia, and, if not, why should you be permitted to build a new Mosque in Belfast and Dublin, to mention but two examples?

  3. I know nothing of the individual you mention, you should not believe everything you read but that you do is very much reflected in your paranoia. Why would you want Northern Ireland to become fundamentalist like Saudi Arabia and similarly deny citizens a house of worship and the freedom to worship? that is fanaticism you are advocating, is this the kind of Christianity you represent? it is very much so judging by your words and it is more dangerous than what you accuse followers of Islam of. If you have a problem with the Saudis and their country then take your complaints to them, they are nothing to do with us here.

    • The individual you know nothing about is a Dutch politician who has received death threats fron Muslims because he has told the truth about Islam. There is a book about the man in question, Geert Wilders, and it is entitled, “Marked for Death,” which should tell you all you need to know about the dangers he faces.

      Now, AngloIrishMuslim, will you please address the issue of FGM which you are avoiding and which is intrinsically linked to Islam!

  4. FGM is a cultural practice, not a religious practice. So as I know of no women in my community who have been subjected to this procedure I cannot comment on it other than to say it is barbaric and wrong. I will however ask you to explain why so many non-Muslim baby boys are subjected to circumcision in our hospitals for cultural reasons? I understand I am replying to a Mrs White and therefore I ask if Mr White is a circumcised male? I suspect he would be so given it is only in the last ten years that baby boys were generally not circumcised due to shifting attiudes. So why, if Mr White is a circumcised male – and I suspect he is – are you qualified to accuse Muslims of circumcising females, madam?

    • You link male circumcision with female genital mutilation, but there is no comparison. FGM is not a “cultural practice,” rather it is a religious practice intrinsically linked to Islam. Here is a quote from Enza Ferreri’s blog, dated 6th March, 2013, dealing with FGM,
      “The mutilations carried out in London today do not have a “cultural” origin as the Standard (newspaper) falsely says, but an Islamic one, brought as they have been into this city which did not know them before by Muslim immigrants, now settled here in great and increasing numbers.”

      Regarding male circumcision, we provide the following quote from a Dr.Sifman,
      “For Jews male circumcision is the fulfilment of a Divine command (Genesis 17 verse 11.) It is designated 13 times as a Brith (covenant) between the Almighty and the Jewish people.”

      Whilst many Jewish males are still circumcised, circumcision was never a requirement for Evangelical Christian males. We read in the New Testament letter of the Apostle Paul to the Galatians the following words, “For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.” Galatians ch.5 verse 6.

      Male circumcision is a relatively minor surgical procedure, unlike the barbaric mutilation of FGM which was never even mentioned in the Bible, let alone commanded.

  5. No, you have refused to accept the truth and you have run out of arguments. You will accept the real truth in time, believe me. You will have no choice. I must spread the word that I have defeated the evangelist Christian Whites.

    • What do you mean by “the real truth?”

      We notice that you have resorted to the predictable Islamic tactic of threat, unlike Biblical Christianity which no-one has to fear.

      We also noticed that with your most recent reply, you have used a different e-mail address, therefore we ask, are we addressing one individual, or several?

    • Your most recent comment has not been approved because we have already answered your question. We note that you continue to describe male circumcision as mutilation, which it is not, unlike FGM which most definitely IS mutilation (and torture.)

  6. ………………………………. I have decided – we must do something about your attitude and beliefs madam! they MUST be CHANGED and WE WILL DO IT!!!!!!

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