A “Nappy” Christmas from Love for Life

On Radio Ulster’s early morning programme yesterday, one of the news items informed us that a Christmas tree festival was presently taking place in Lisburn, a city in Northern Ireland.

The venue is a Cathedral and the organisers invited schools, Churches and businesses to contribute decorated Christmas trees telling the story of Christmas.

A reporter from “Good Morning Ulster” was shown the exhibition of trees by a Cathedral official (possibly the Vicar,) and he described some of the trees to the listening public.

An organisation called Love for Life, a sex education outfit, supposedly loosely Bible-based, (very loosely!!) contributed a tree decorated with NAPPIES (or diapers for our American readers,) and the Minister was quick to point out that these were clean nappies!!

What have nappies to do with Christmas, you might ask?

Love for Life wants those who visit the festival to think about the baby Jesus, God’s gift to the world, as they look at those nappies!!

When we heard the Love for Life tree described on the radio, we were taken aback, because it is irreverent, foolish and shallow.

Yes, the babe of Bethlehem is God’s unspeakable gift to mankind, but that babe is the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son, and “……….. to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” (Psalm 89 v. 7)

However, when we consider that there is only a hairsbreadth of a difference between the amoral views of Love for Life on sexual matters and organisations like the secular Brook Advisory centres and the FPA, their childish, irreverent, foolish nappy Christmas tree should not surprise us.




One thought on “A “Nappy” Christmas from Love for Life

  1. Interesting use of the Psalms here taken completely out of context, as the last Psalm was written about 430BC. A long time before the baby you are trying to relate it to was supposedly born.

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