Monstrous regiment of Feminists attack men guarding Cathedral

In November this year, a mob of feminists attacked men who were praying outside a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Argentina.

The behaviour of these feminists was disgusting and wicked in the extreme. The behaviour of the men was exemplary, wonderfully courageous, restrained and dignified, despite relentless provocation.

Feminism is not benign, it is evil and destructive, and, some feminists are actually dangerous.
The police should have arrested every one of these wicked harridans, instead of hiding behind their excuse for inaction i.e “these are women.”
We believe in chivalrous behaviour on the part of men, but, in this case, these women neither want it nor deserve it. They should have been rounded up and placed in cold cells. That’s one way to deal with these topless belligerents.

To see video footage of the disgraceful spectacle, click on the following link, (viewer discretion advised)




4 thoughts on “Monstrous regiment of Feminists attack men guarding Cathedral

  1. I agree, what those women did was going too far. They just add to men’s belief that women should be kept in the kitchen. But you think all feminists are nutcases like them. If it wasn’t for feminism, you wouldn’t be allowed to open your mouth without a man’s permission.

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